A Scriptural Teaching on Generational Curses

By Dr. William J. Schnoebelen

One of the most tragic things we see in our society today is the increasing number of children in trouble. Not only are children abused by parents and other caregivers, we also see young children indulging in acts of horrid and senseless violence that most adults would never dream of commiting. Something quite radical changed in the makeup of American society between 1960 and the 1990’s. In 30 short years, a social disintegration occurred in our culture that is unparalleled in modern history.

People from many faiths are seeking solutions. Where do we place the blame? Some blame the media. Others talk about poverty, poor education and schools that are bereK of payer and the Bible. SGll others blame the phenomenon of the latchkey child who is left home by working parents, with no baby-sitter but MTV. Then there are the increasing number of children raised in single-family homes with no influence from a father.

Of course many Christians blame the taking of values out of our schools and the rise of secularism or progressive thought as an “official state religion”. Others blame rock music or the rise of New Age spirituality and witchcraft which emerged during the sixties “hippie” era. Are We Missing Something?

To be certain, each of these issues is a major contributing factor to the moral disintegraGon of American society. Those who work to combat these issues are to be commended. But in spite of all this, there is a key area that is a major contributing factor to the deterioration of our society; one that many Christians even neglect. In Proverbs we are told : “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind:” – Prov. 11:29. The sins of the fathers can truly come down and impact the children negatively (Ex. 20:5). This means that if you, your parents or grandparents were involved in serious sin, then that influence can cause you or your children (or grandchildren) to have open doorways and be prone to the same sins.

Now this doesn’t have anything to do with salvation. One can be saved and on their way to heaven, but sGll have significant issues that will cause stumbling blocks in their lives due to their ancestors. We believe this is a big reason why many Christians today and their children are struggling.

Nor is this Biblical principle confined to your children’s moral life – many Gmes the sins of the parents manifest as illnesses or psychological problems. We had one situaGon where a child was diagnosed with ANenGon Deficit Disorder (ADD). His parents were reluctant to commit him to a prescripGon drug treatment without first consulGng Yahuwah.

AKer praying, they got a copy of our book, Masonry: Beyond the Light. The child’s father prayed to renounce his Masonic membership (he had been an inacGve Lodge member for years) and the learning disorder cleared up in days. CLICK HERE for mul;ple Free Resources on Masonry!

Of course, it must be said that all illnesses or problems are not necessarily related to generaGonal curse. But it something we encourage people to seriously invesGgate in their search for remedies. Many Gmes, a simple prayer can do more than years or drug treatment.

A Theological Question

Some people will say, “…but that is all Old Testament stuff! Weren’t all those curses and things done away at the Cross?” That is an important quesGon, but let me explain something…When Yahushua (Hebrew name of Messiah Jesus Christ) died on the cross, He undid the curse of the Law (Gal. 3:13). However, many people misunderstand what it is, and how it impacts their lives!

Though a regenerated individual is free of the curse of the Law, right now, that only applies to the spirit man. The physical creaGon (including our bodies) sGll waits for its full, millennial redempGon:

Romans 8:20-24

For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, 21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corrupAon into the glorious liberty of the children of Elohim. 22 For we know that the whole creaAon groaneth and travaileth in pain together unAl now. 23 And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firsHruits of the Ruach, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiAng for the adopAon, to wit, the redempAon of our body. 24 For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?

This is easy to establish empirically. If the folks who state that the curse of the Law is done away with completely, why do women sGll travail in great pain in childbirth? Shouldn’t Born Again women have effortless child- birth? Why do ChrisGans die? Why do men sGll have to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow?

We are redeemed spiritually if we are saved, but our bodies and souls sGll await full redempGon, which will only come at the glorious restoraGon of all things (Acts 3:19). Thus, things like generaGonal curses can s;ll have an impact on your family for many generaGons – some up to ten generaGons!

Shaking the Family Tree

1The Holy Bible: King James Version. 2009 (Electronic EdiGon of the 1900 Authorized Version.) (Ro 8:20–24). Bellingham, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

Throughout the years as we’ve ministered, we’ve found Masonry is a big culprit in GeneraGonal curses, but not the only one. We have had many families contact us because their kids (raised in ChrisGan homes) are out of control, either through drugs, rebellion, occulGsm or perversions.

A quick invesGgaGon revealed that grandpa had been a Shriner, or Dad used to be a Mason. Perhaps mom had been in Job’s Daughters or the Eastern Star. Prayers were offered to Yahuwah to renounce that sinful generaGonal link (Read, The Yoke is on YOU: Freemasonry & Headship), and the child’s behavior improved remarkably, someGmes almost overnight.

It isn’t just the Lodge! Catholicism, occultism, abortion, drug use, adultery or homosexuality – all of these in the ancestry can cause significant problems. Remember that today’s teens are the children of the “hippie” generaGon (not that all baby boomers were hippies, but many were). Many boomers were the first generation in their family to use drugs, have illicit relations, sodomy, occultism, or abortion. Such experimentation never happened before on this scale.

As You Sow, So Shall Ye Reap…

Now these boomers have teens of their own. Many of these children of the fiKies have goNen saved. That is great! However, they have never dealt with their sins (as above) in terms of being a cursed legacy to pass through to their children.

Nor have they looked at what might be going on in their own ancestry. Many people aYer World War I and II dabbled in spiri;sm, trying to contact their dead sons or husbands lost in the war. This trickles down to the kids or grandkids who are playing with Ouija boards or ge]ng into Satanism. It is deadly serious, and major reason why many families are struggling.

AKer all, who knows the secret sins of our parents, grandparents, or great- grand parents? All have sinned (Rom. 3:10). If there are bese;ng sins or problems in your life or your family’s life, why take a chance? This is so simple to deal with because the power of Yahushua is so great. Otherwise, you as a ChrisGan parent may find your heritage to be nothing but wind. You or your children might well be carried away on the hell-borne gales of generational bondage.

What is the Solution?
Listen to this! If you were a Mason, fornicator, or Catholic in the past and have goNen leK those pracGces behind you aKer salvaGon, that is good! If you have formally renounced these pracGces before Yahuwah in prayer, that is beNer sGll! However, if you haven’t prated to break the generational bondage form these prac;ces, they could percolate down into your children (even the unborn!). Here is an example of how to pray (assuming you are Born Again) to sever all Ges that bind upon you and your family:

Pray something like this:

Abba Yahuwah, in Yahushua’s name, I humbly ask you to cleanse me from everything I have inherited of an evil nature from my parents, my grandparents, my great- grandparents, and my great- great-grandparents, all the way back eleven generaAons (Dt. 23:2). I refuse to have anything from Satan in my life. Please BREAK those lines of inheritance and seal them off with the Blood of the Lamb, Yahushua Messiah shed on the cross of Calvary.

Abba Father, in Yahushua’s mighty name, I command any evil spirits which may be troubling me or my family because of generational curses to now leave me at once. I especially come against the spirits of (menGon here any known occult or sinful pracGces in ancestry: Masonry, suicide, adultery, etc.). I renounce, in Yahushua’s name, any oaths taken by my ancestors in sinful organizaGons (such as the Masons, Mormons, etc.) and declare that they have no more power over me or my family. I command any evil spirits troubling me or my family because of generaGonal curse to leave US AT ONCE IN Yahuwah Yahushua’s mighty name. I command you to go where Yahushua ha Mossiach tells you to go by the voice of His Ruach ha Qodesh – Never to return! In Yahushua’s Name, Omayn!

If you, yourself, were involved in anything deeply sinful, cul;c, or occult, you should also do these things:

1) If you have ever been a formal member of a cult (Masons, Mormons, Catholics, etc.) you NEED to go to Yahuwah in prayer and renounce your membership as sin and ask him to forgive you for it. Ask Yahuwah to remove any spiritual oppression over you and your family because of your prior involvement in Yahushua’s name. To learn more about Spiritual Warfare, PLEASE go to our website and study our Free Resources there, and order the book, BLOOD ON THE DOORPOSTS!

Pray something like this:
Abba Yahuwah, in Yahushua’s name, I humbly ask you to forgive me more my involvement in ___. I confess this as a sin to you and thank You for your forgiveness. Abba, in Yahushua’s mighty name, I command any evil spirits troubling me or my family because of this past sin to leave us at once, never to return. I command you to go where Yahuwah Yahushua tells you to go by the voice of His Ruach ha Qodesh!

2) Say the same prayer for informal involvement in a sinful practice or organization (i.e. reading horoscopes, going to fortune tellers, studying the occult, committing adultery, homosexuality, etc.

3) If you were formally in any organization, quickly (ASAP!) write them a letter requesting formally that your name be withdrawn from their membership rolls.  If you have any questions about whether a certain group or practice is actually a sin that could produce generational curses, please reach out.