The “32 Questions” Feared by the LDS (Mormon) Church 
By William Schnoebelen

Explanatory note: Back in 1984, I was an elder in the LDS Church and held a temple recommend. I had been to the temple many times and had been an elders’ quorum president in Milwaukee II Ward. Due to reading both the Book of Mormon and the Bible (King James LDS edition) through many times, I began to find all sorts of problems with consistency between the Book of Mormon, the Bible AND current LDS doctrine, which I knew pretty well (I had been a teacher in the LDS Church Institute of Religion).

The other factor that caused me to question was the differences between the current Book of Mormon and the first edition. When going to the Salt Lake temple for our endowments in 1981, I had purchased a facsimile edition of the original Book of Mormon published by the Church at the Deseret Book Store. The differences were literally LEGION and they rattled me. Gradually, I began to put together a list of questions for my local ward leadership. Finally, when they came to “home teach” us, I presented them with the questions – which had grown to 32 in number by then. Pathetically, they had no answers for any of them. With the exception of question four, all are presented with the original source documentation. In there was no DNA testing but the differences, ethnically between Jews and Native peoples were still profound. It made no sense. So here are the questions. If you are LDS, please repent and LEAVE the Church and come to the Messiah in saving faith!

  1. If the Book of Mormon is the “most correct book ever written,”1 why were there more than 3,900 changes between the first few editions, many quite significant?2 For example, the first Book of Mormon3 references King Benjamin on p.200.4 Later on, the name is changed to Mosiah. The names are not even remotely similar!
  2. LDS Doctrine (and Scripture5) teaches that there is a plurality (more than one) God. The Book of Mormon says there is only ONE God in several places.6
  3. The Book of Mormon teaches that God is a Spirit.7 Mormon theology and scripture teaches that He is a glorified resurrected man with a body, parts and passions.8
  4. A central claim of the Book of Mormon is that Native Americans are descended from Jewish people who came over to the New World during the time of Jeremiah the prophet and the fall of Jerusalem. But DNA testing proves conclusively that Native Americans have none of the genetic markers for Jews.9
  5. Why does the Book of Mormon (which was supposedly finished around 421 AD) quote quite extensively from the King James Bible, which was produced in 1611 – over a thousand years later? It even quotes verbatim the italicized words that the King James translators added to the Hebrew and Greek text for clarity of reading. Those words were NOT in Isaiah or Matthew in 400 AD. Explain this!
  6. The Book of Mormon claims a huge battle was fought on Hill Cumorah10 between the good Nephites and the evil Lamanites – we are talking hundreds of thousands of warriors! Many of the Lamanites had armor and swords. Since the 1830’s the LDS church has claimed that they KNEW exactly where Hill
  1. The Book of Mormon, in agreement with the Bible, says that the Word of God cannot change.11 However, both LDS practice and scripture say His Word CAN change.12
  2. The Book of Mormon, again agreeing with Bible, says the Almighty cannot lie.13 However, in the Pearl of Great Price, the Mormon “god” commands lying.14
  3. Adam is said to have been in America.15 But the Pearl of Great Price, another LDS “scripture,” says that Adam was in the Old World.16
  4. Mormons are taught the “Law of Eternal Progression.” This states that God changes or evolves – succinctly put in the following aphorism: “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become.” However, the Book of Mormon contradicts this by saying God never changes.17 This is echoed is Mormon 9:9-10 as well.18
  5. Mormons are taught a system of salvation by works, not faith. Yet the Book of Mormon teaches we are saved by faith.19
  6. Mormons tend to seriously discount the power of the saving blood of Yah’shua20 (Jesus). They even carry this to the point of using water rather than red wine or grape juice in their communion service, because it resembles blood. One Mormon apostle, Orson Pratt, said it had no more power than the “blood of a dead dog.” Yet the Book of Mormon teaches that we can be saved “only through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.”21
  7. Though Mormons have a complex, three-tiered system of salvation, involving things like temple work, endowments, wearing of the temple garment, tithing, genealogy work, etc.; yet the Book of Mormon teaches that, “…he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.”22
  8. Mormons are taught that they must baptize their dead ancestors in order for their departed loved ones to be saved. However, the Book of Mormon makes it clear that the state of the soul at death is fixed and there is no redemption after that.23 Please explain this paradox!
  9. Mormons are taught that there are three levels of heaven and that almost all people except the most wicked will make it to one of them. But the Book of Mormon denies this, and teaches an essentially Biblical view of heaven and hell where only those who accept the Messiah are saved.24 What’s the deal?
  10. Polygamy or plural marriage is commanded as necessary for salvation in the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants scripture.25 Yet the Book of Mormon condemns polygamy (??).26 How can this be?
  1. A central feature of the “sacred” LDS temple rite is (Masonic-like) oaths that the temple patrons musttake, before being initiated into the gnostic, occult rites of Temple Mormonism.27 However, the idea ofsecret societies and oaths is condemned in the Book of Mormon.28
  2. The Book of Mormon teaches that the heathen can be saved without baptism.29 Yet, elsewhere Mormonsare taught the absolute necessity for their dead ancestors to be baptized in the temple in order for them tobe saved.30
  3. Any zoologist or archaeologist will tell you that there is no evidence of horses being in the New Worldprior to the coming of the Spanish in the 1500’s. Yet, the Book of Mormon speaks numerous times ofhorses in their supposed pre-Columbian civilization.31
  4. Scimitars (misspelled “cimeters”) in the Book of Mormon are featured in several passages.32 This isamazing, because the Book of Mormon is set from before the time of Messiah to 421 AD. The scimitar was actually unknown until it was invented around the 9th century in the Ottoman Empire. How did this 9th century weapon from the Middle East get into the 4th century New World?
  5. LDS doctrine denies that there is a Trinity of one Deity in three Persons. However, in the Book of Mormon “Testimony of the Three Witnesses,” we are told that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are “one God.” Both cannot be true. Please explain this?
  6. Mormons deny that Yah’shua (Jesus) is God, but say He is only the Son of God. Yet the Book of Mormon tells us that He IS God.33 Which is correct?
  7. The Book of Mormon teaches that murder can be forgiven.34 Later LDS scripture (Doctrine and Covenants) contradicts this.35 Please explain!
  8. There is a serious “anatomical problem” with a sword battle in the Book of Ether (a book IN the Book of Mormon). The hero, Coriantumr, smites off the head of the bad guy, Shiz. The verse following declares, “And it came to pass that after he had smitten off the head of Shiz, that Shiz raised up on his on his hands and fell; and after that he had struggled for breath, he died.” 36 Now, the question is, Shiz was decapitated. How did he raise up on his hands and breathe his last? Also, which HALF of him breathed his last? This is a ridiculous statement for a supposed scripture, it makes no sense.
  9. Once again, Mormon leaders deny Yah’shua (Jesus) is God. They say He is only the Son of God and the elder brother of Lucifer. Yet, why does the Book of Mormon say He IS God?37 Is the Book of Mormon wrong, or are LDS leaders heretics?
  10. In the same vein, Mosiah 13:34 says, “God Himself should come down among the children of men…” This contradicts LDS theology. Please explain the contradiction?
  11. BOTH the unity of the Trinity AND the deity of Messiah are affirmed in Mosiah 15:1-5. If it is the most correct book ever written, why does it contradict the teachings of Joseph Smith and other LDS leaders?
  12. Since Joseph Smith and his account of his “First Vision,”38 Mormon leaders have affirmed that the Father and the Son are two distinct personages. Yet the Book of Mormon speaks of “Christ the Lord who is the very eternal Father.”39 How is this possible?
  1. Mormons are taught that there is plurality of gods, and that – indeed – they can become gods!40However, the Book of Mormon plainly tells us that there is only ONE God!41 Yet another contradiction?
  2. The LDS Church mounts a huge genealogy program and encourages all members to baptize their dead.This is based on the belief that dead people can repent and come to salvation. The Book of Mormoncontradicts this and says that this life is the time “for men to prepare to meet God.”42
  3. As above, Mormons are taught that there are three separate gods in the Godhead. BUT, 3 Nephi 11:27 inthe Book of Mormon has “Jesus” quoting the gospel of John – even though John’s gospel was not written until 50 some years after the events supposedly happening in the Book of Mormon. In any event, “Jesus” says that He and the Father are one! Explain these two contradictions.
  4. For decades, the LDS church taught that white skin was a sign of divine favor and that dark skin (either Native Americans or Africans) was a sign of a curse from God, either for sins in this life or for sins in the pre-existent state.43 It was further taught that if Lamanites (Native Americans) would repent and become LDS, their skin would become white. Many hundreds of Native peoples have – unfortunately – become Mormons over the years. Yet no one’s skin has ever turned color. Because of this quandary, a change was made (one of THOUSANDS) in the Book of Mormon. In the older Book of Mormon editions, its says that the Indians “shall be a white and delightsome people.”44 However, in recent editions since the early eighties, the phrase was changed to “pure and delightsome people.” If the Book of Mormon was correct before, why was it changed? Smith supposedly translated it with the “gift and power of God.”


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