Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Yahowah thy God giveth thee. – Exodus 20:12

Every year, America honors fathers on the third Sunday of June. Of course it is a huge marketing bonanza – and a time when those families who have fathers can hopefully draw closer together. But expectation and reality can be at odds for most.

The problem is that Western culture and media have done their level best to drive the idea of Scriptural fatherhood, and the love of a father, from contemporary reality. So many families are torn apart by divorce (or illegitimacy) that a significant majority of children grow up with either part-time fathers, non-attentive fathers, or no fathers at all.

Single mothers (whether due to feminism, fornication, desertion or divorce) have become increasingly common and statistics reveal that a child raised without a father has a lifetime of uphill battles. The Creator designed us to be raised by both a mother and a father. Both little boys and girls desperately need to be exposed to a father’s love, care and influence.

Statistics prove that a father’s presence in the home keeps children from getting into trouble (sex, drugs and crime) when they hit adolescence. And contrary to feminist propaganda, a family does need a father – a man who models the love, gentleness and firm discipline of Yahushua in his own life and as a spiritual leader in his own family.

The media has done its best to portray fathers as harmless or ineffectual dolts at best. Gone forever are the days of “Father Knows Best.” Most TV shows are now more like “Father is an Idiot.”

The point is this: Boys and girls pattern themselves after and come to understand their Biblical, Heavenly Father through the lens of their earthly father. Sadly, even a well- intentioned father that is emotionally distant or too busy with work sends a bad signal about the Almighty Creator. Even worse, if the father is abusive or a drunkard, drug addict or child molester, the child can carry terrible scars that only Yahushua, in His love, can heal. These unfortunate souls will probably also need some serious deliverance.

The price is high – fathers and mothers will be held accountable for leading astray the innocent with their sins. Our nation’s precipitate fall from Scriptural principles in the past century has created a huge mess. Only heaven can heal it! It takes serious prayer intervention to heal these kinds of deep wounds in adults who have been abused or even witnessed abuse as children – BUT YAHUSHUA can bless and deliver them! We see this every day!

Yahushua came to reconcile us to His Father AND to reveal His Name. This is true BOTH in terms of releasing us from the chains of bondage to sin (Mitzrayim and Babylon) and intremendous emotional healing to help us open our hearts to the love and True Nature of the Almighty Father. Yahushua does this for us if we invite Him to do so.

Then, there are also the prophets. Thousands of years ago, Yahushua spoke through His prophet Malachi. In chapter 4 of his book, we read:

4 Remember ye the law [Torah] of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of Yahowah:

6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Notice two Key Points: First, in these last days before His Second Coming, we MUST remember and guard His Torah! Few in our culture do that – to their great detriment. In fact, most leaders in the “church” laugh away the Torah and call it outdated and irrelevant. We see the fruit of such blasphemy in our society today which promotes lawlessness at every turn (2 Thess. 2:7).

Second, through the ministry of the prophetic mantle of Elijah, we can help turn the hearts of fathers to their children and children to their fathers. Malachi was shown by the RUACH (Set Apart Spirit) 2,000 years ago that we would have this unprecedented crisis of fatherhood we are experiencing today.

Malachi’s revelations teach us that the PROPHETIC MANTLE OF ELIJAH is a profound anointing – a blessing that extends far beyond the obvious (thought much needed) ability to combat Jezebel and Ahab. The Prophetic Mantle of Elijah, on a deeper level, is also about restoring the relationship of children (of all ages – even adults) with their fathers – and of fathers with their daughters and sons! This is a major aspect of ministry Yahushua has called us to – and as His Bride we are ALL called to a ministry of reconciliation before He returns to judge the world.

From every perspective – especially during these End Times – the best way to combat the strongmen of Jezebel and Ahab is to have a gentle, compassionate but strong Messiah-like father in the home! Understand that the best way to cast out Jezebel and Ahab is to bring Messiah’s TRUE restoration to the hearts of children! We can all encourage and teach through our witness – both to earthly parents and then, as the Body of Messiah. If there are wounds and scars in ourselves or others, we can pray, asking that the Mantle of Elijah work through us to rend the veil of pain and loss, so that we can all truly experience the love of our heavenly Father!


Without this restoration, we see the dire warning of the final verse: That the earth will be smitten with a curse. I would submit to you that we are already beginning to see the outworking of this curse in our society which is run by priests of iniquity, where crime and violence rage in our schools, homes and on the streets of our urban centers.

Exodus 20:12 promises if we truly honor our father AND mother, then our days will be long in the land. Only a return of the Biblical love and compassion expressed in our Father’s Torah can turn the hearts of the fathers back toward the children through the ministry of Yahushua! Realize that this verse serves as a bridge between the first Tablet (which deals with how we honor our Father in heaven) and the second Tablet, which involves our relations with other people. This is why this insight into the ministry of Elijah is so vital today as we find ourselves so close to Yahushua’s Second Coming.

Let us remember to really honor our fathers, not just by giving them a necktie or card, but also by acknowledging the truly special role the Creator has given them in our lives…but if there is pain and grief because of abuse or a broken relationship, go to Abba Father in prayer. Ask Him to minister to your wounded soul through His Son, Yahushua. It may take some time, or He may remove the bondage immediately. But He will touch your heart and change your world forever – and the world of those you love most.

On our website we have free prayers for emotional healing as well as DVD teachings to help and encourage you in your spiritual walk. Yahowah intends you to have victory, health and the destiny He determined for you before the foundation of the world!

Seek the Set-Apart Ruach, the Holy Spirit, and ask Abba Father to minister to you and your loved ones with the Spirit and Power of Elijah. His compassionate power will surely bring healing and victory, as well as resolution to conflicted emotions and relationships.

Even so, come Adon Yahushua!

Because Yahowah Lives,

Dr. William Schnoebelen