Abba YAH has given us HUNDREDS of POWERFUL FOREWARNINGS in Scripture concerning these Last Days – but what can Believers do to prepare for the trials ahead? True, prophetic voices have been raised up in the Body of Messiah Yahushua concerning these LAST DAYS, and now Dr. Bill has received STRONG, BATTLE-SHOFAR BLASTS FROM RUACH that time is growing shorter, and WOAM MUST reach out and help the Body of CHRIST-MESSIAH PREPARE for the days ahead… WHAT THIS MEANS: FIRST and foremost, we all need to begin at the foundational level – WE MUST CLEANSE OUR TEMPLES & PREPARE for GREATER RUACH FIRE within – That’s the focus of this first video in this PREPPING SERIES. We need to strengthen our vessels – to endure, grow and protect His Tabernacle and RECEIVE END TIME GIFTS which once manifested for the Matriarchs & Patriarchs of our faith! BUT WHAT DOES SCRIPTURE SAY THIS MEANS? Video 1 brings this information to light! SECONDLY and in future videos, Dr. Bill will TEACH on how we MUST study to show ourselves approved and RENEW & STRENGTHEN OUR MINDS. THIRDLY, he will bring in Abba’s BIG GUNS – and how you can take up ALL THE WEAPONRY available to us for BATTLE – Learn to engage the enemy WITH WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWLEDGE! BUT THIS TAKES PURITY, PRAYER & TIME! WOAM is determined to equip the Body of Messiah as RUACH leads during the coming months! This is With One Accord Ministries’ NEW SPIRITUAL WARFARE TEACHING SERIES – Join Dr. Bill as he helps us all through vital steps to GREATER POWER FOR GREATER GOOD and MORE – So we can BECOME THE LIVING, BREATHING FIGHTING SPIRITUAL WARRIOR-PRIESTS YAH WANTS US TO BE FOR THESE END TIMES. HalleluYAH!