Prayer Alert: Huge Satanic Gathering in Scottsdale, AZ concerning the entire weekend of February 11-13, 2022!!

There is an enormous gathering of satanists, sponsored by the satanic Temple, going on right now in Scottsdale, AZ – This is the largest known gathering of devil worshippers in US history. They are doing invocations (magical incantations or “prayers”) and rituals against Christian and judicial efforts to slow down their POLITICAL ACTIVISM. PRAY WITH DR. BILL IN THIS VIDEO SHOFAR CALL! BELIEVERS, WE need to raise up shields of faith and Abba’s Large Shield of Favor and PRAY PROTECTION over ourselves, families, institutions (including churches, schools, the courts, etc.) and our nation! We know Yeshua is the Victor here, but we need to go to the battlements and fight for our families and nation! This group has a powerful political/religious agenda and they need to be exposed through the Ruach HaKodesh and be defeated by the power of the Cross and the Blood of Yeshua Messiah!