ABBA YHWH, in the Mighty Name of Your Son Yahushua Messiah, I come before Your Throne and humbly beseech You to deliver and heal me and my children and/or grandchildren, to the 11th Generation, from ALL wounds encoded in our DNA from any abuse, fallen angelic manipulations, tragedies, woundings or traumas suffered by our ancestors, specifically [TRAUMA if known] suffered by [NAME and/or relationship of ancestor if known].

Abba Father, I also Pray that You deliver and heal me and my children and/or grandchildren, to the eleventh generation, from ALL unrighteous inheritance and/or any abuse, fallen angelic manipulations, tragedies, woundings and traumas suffered by us or our ancestors that are unknown to us at this time.

I understand that every cell in our bodies, every aspect of our being, is touched by those wounding events and I pray, ABBA YAH, that You would flood every aspect of our bodies, souls, minds, wills and emotions with the healing power of Yahushua the Messiah. PLEASE BLESS US WITH HIS DIVINE PRESENCE! BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED.

I submit myself and family – body, soul and spirit – to the Ministry of Your Set- Apart RUACH (Spirit), and invite You to wash and heal every cell – every strand of DNA – in our bodies with Your healing and anointing power, especially our hearts and my brains. By the power of Yahushua’s Blood, Stripes, wounds and death on Calvary’s Cross I ask and give You permission to erase any harmful unrighteous emotional charge contained within these cells, including their fluids and mechanisms. Please, Yahushua, remove the capacity of those encoded emotions to hurt or traumatize us in any way! DESTROY THE POWER of any oaths, bands, bonds, bindings or inner vows associated with these tragedies. I KNOW and BELIEVE You can do this, because the Might of YOUR BLOOD and STRIPES are ALL POWERFUL and fully able to do this for me, my children and grandchildren!

Yahushua, I further pray that You would untie and unbind knots of generational memories and experience entwined and embedded in our nervous systems – Especially our sympathetic nervous systems and “fight or flight” responses in our thinking and emotions. By the power of Your Cross, DESTROY the LINKS between these distant, generational memories and our own nervous systems. PLEASE Utterly destroy their power to cause us emotional, mental, spiritual and physical torment. Mighty ABBA, please dismantle any autonomic nervous system responses or emotional triggers related to these events, in Yahushua’s name. Omain!

In accord with Your Word (Philippians 3:13-14), I ask You to help us forget those things that are behind and to press forward and fulfill the high calling You have for us in Yahushua Messiah! Please fill our hearts and souls with YOUR Healing, YOUR Shalom and YOUR Strength! Fill us with Your RUACH, clothe us in Your supernatural power and YOUR Battle Armour – Especially the Armour of Light! Please, supply all our emotional needs according to Your best and perfect Will for our lives, and grant us YOUR Shalom.

By FAITH, I fully surrender myself and family to You and the powerful, gentle ministry of Your RUACH. PLEASE ABBA, increase that Faith every day and equip, anoint and empower us to walk in the ministries YOU have called us to accomplish! Bless us with YOUR WISDOM HEALING and PROTECTION always, in Yahushua’s mighty Name, Omain.

If you know of more than one major trauma or incident in your ancestry, you may repeat the prayer naming them separately, as often as appropriate – Including your children and grandchildren to the 11th Generation.

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