PRAYERS—Emotional Healing for people with Captive Spirits

To be prayed over the client:

To Client:

Do you choose life? Are you willing to pay the price of pain and vulnerability in order to choose and risk life anew every day?

We say to you in the name of the Ha Adon Yahushua ha Mossiach that your life is not a mistake. Yahuwah made you out of the love that He is. He called you into being at the right time and the right place. He prepared a way for you and His life for you at the cross. You are a privilege, not a burden; a joy and a delight, not a disappointment; you are not an intrusion. You BELONG! You are a treasure just because you are, not merely for what you can do. You are one of Abba’s very own children and He delights in you and we delight in you.


Abba, we ask you to destroy whatever lies this person may have accepted about themselves as a child, and we bring to the Cross every resultant destructive attitude, expectation, and personality structure or habit pattern. Father, pour your love in this, Your child!

Father, in the name of the Lord Yahushua the Messiah, we ask that You enable the child within _____ to forgive those who wounded him (her). We also pray, Father, that You would forgive him (her) for his (her) negative responses to those hurts. Please, Abba, pour the healing balm of Yahushua’s love into ______’s wounded spirit. Give him (her) a sovereign gift of trust, rest and peace; and to be integrated, body, soul and spirit with wholeness and harmony in You and where You want him (her) to be.

Father, we bring to the Cross of Mossiach any sin between parent (uncle, etc.) and child; and ask that it be the stopping place for that sin. Let the cross and blood of Yahushua the Messiah drain those sins of their power to hurt, even in memory; and blot them out of existence, according to Your Word. Father, in the name of the Ha Adon Yahushua the Messiah, hide this child in Your heart and cast light into the eyes of any powers of darkness who might attempt to oppress, afflict or hinder his (her) life.

Father, melt any hardness of heart, strengthen with might by Your Set Apart Spirit the inner man (Ephesians 3:16), and enlighten the eyes of his (her) heart, open doors for him (her) and draw him (her) to Your will. Place Your mantle of protection about him (her) for all the rest of his (her) life. Restore to Your child as many years as the locust and the cankerworm have eaten (Joel 2:25). As you have assured us in Your Word, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then Yahuwah will take me up.” (Psalm 28:10)


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