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Elijah’s Mantle on Father’s Day

Every year, America honors fathers on the third Sunday of June. Of course it is a huge marketing bonanza – and a time when those families who have fathers can hopefully draw closer together. But expectation…

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On Ghosts

Ghosts are a perennial favorite with people seeking spiritual help or solace. Virtually every culture has a belief in survival beyond the grave and many actually worship their departed ancestors.

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On Bible Manuscripts

Many observers of Western Christianity (especially in the US) have noticed a lack of concern for doctrinal truth, holiness or separation among Christians today. There...

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On Angels

Over the last decade, angels have become a “hot topic” Countless books, movies, New Age teachers on how to communicate..

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Inheriting the Wind

A Scriptural Teaching on Generational Curses By Dr. William J. Schnoebelen One of the most tragic things we see in our society today is the increasing number of...

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What’s Lurking in your Home?

Asbestos. Radon. These and other toxins are real concern. But Christians need to realize that spiritual poisons are far more toxic to us then mere physical ones....

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