by William Schnoebelen

In these days of increasing concern over biological attack and “super-bugs” which seem to he rising up out of nowhere, it is important to understand the weapons that are in our arsenal.

I need to be up front about the philosophical position from which this booklet is being written. I come from the perspective of being a Bible-believing Christian who is also a naturopath. This gives me a somewhat unique perspective with which to view both the issue of the immune system and its enhancement AND the issue of vaccines.

As one who believes in the Bible, I believe that the Creator was quite correct when He stated in Genesis 1:31 that everything that He made was “very good.” That includes the human body and its immune response systems.

Any honest student of human anatomy, would concur with the Psalmist who stated that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps.139:14). Nowhere is this more accurate than in the immune system. No nation could ever be as well protected by its army as our own humble bodies are.

This is why the issue of vaccines is so critical. We believe every individual needs to make up their own mind for themselves and for the children that YHWH has given them.

We also need to make clear that I am NOT a medical doctor and the statements made in this pamphlet are my own opinion and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Nor are any statements made in this booklet intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

Having gotten that obligatory disclaimer out of the way, we must closely examine the issue of vaccines and how they work.

Referring to the above-mentioned perspective, we need to understand that the human body’s first and most remarkable line of defense is your skin. Many do not realize that your skin is the largest single organ of your body. It contains layers that serve to protect the body from bacteria and viruses. Even something as humble as your perspiration has anti- bacterial properties.

Since the skin gives our bodies a literal “hermetic seal,” how smart would you think it would be to puncture that seal deliberately and then inject foreign organisms or toxic materials into it?

Let me explain here that when you drink or eat you are not taking something into your skin. It might surprise you to know that your internal gastrointestinal tract (throat, stomach, intestines, etc.) is actually a tube of (yes) your skin. When you swallow a bite of apple, it is still outside your skin, even if it is destined for your stomach.

If you are in good health, that apple will work its way through your throat, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and rectum without ever “entering your body.” The apple’s nutrients will be broken down into liquids and carried into your body in your lower GI tract, but that is the extent of it (unless you have some disease like leaky gut syndrome). Thus, your body is very careful to preserve this hermetic seal.

If this is so, one can see immediately why giving someone a needle is not the best idea unless it is a serious matter of life and death. Just to briefly explain, here is what that needle full of organisms and chemicals is by-passing:

1.) Your mouth is full of saliva that contains powerful enzymes that can kill many invading organisms in minutes;

2.) More enzymes are introduced in the upper and mid-stomach; along with hydrochloric acid. Few organisms can survive in that environment. Your food is churned around in the stomach with acids and enzymes for some time and then…

3.) It gets into the duodenum and small intestine where it is exposed to still more enzymes that dissolve it further.

A pertussis (whooping cough) or DPT (See note 1) vaccine shot (for example) would get by that huge line of defenses and end up being plunked right into the child’s bloodstream. This would be the medical equivalent of parachuting enemy Special Forces right into the front door of the inner fort of a city! This is not wise, to say the least. As one medical writer has observed:

Another problem with the injection process in respect to any viruses and bacteria that are being administered is that very important outer levels of defense are bypassed, giving them deep access into the body to cause damage. Hence, for example, the now well known finding of the vaccine strain of the measles virus in the gut of a significant number of autistic children. It has also been found that animal, bacterial and viral DNA, when injected, can be incorporated into the recipient’s DNA. No wonder vaccination has been linked to cancer, particularly considering vaccine ingredients even include animal cancer cells (used for the culturing of viruses because they continue to multiply. (See note 2)

Thus, from the perspective of a Bible-believing individual who trusts in their Creator to know what He is doing, it would seem inadvisable to have vaccines given, to either adults or to children.

But the problem we face is that in most — if not all — states, parents are bullied and intimidated into getting the child vaccinated by doctors and other health authorities. Most public school systems will not allow a child to be admitted to their program (perhaps a good thing!) if they have not had “their shots.” Nowadays, babies have a hard time getting out of the delivery ward without being inoculated for things like hepatitis.

What is a parent to do? We want to obey the laws of the land, but we also need to protect our children. Both are YHWH-given mandates. IF you feel, after reading this booklet, that vaccination is not for your child, then you need to know that you have a right in all states (as of this writing) to refuse vaccination on religious grounds. (See note 3)

It is a difficult decision to make. That is partially why this article was written, to give Christians a look at the “other side of the story” which you will not usually hear from medical professionals.

Some History

The term “vaccine” is derived from the word “VACCA,” the Latin term for cow. (See note 4) This is because initially, vaccines were derived from the pus of cowpox pustules then injected into humans for protection against smallpox. Dr. Edward Jenner, a British physician, started this strange procedure in 1796. He noted that dairymaids who caught cowpox – a relatively minor disease — would not catch smallpox — a dangerous and often fatal disease. He took the diseased matter from the hand of an infected dairymaid and injected it into the cut arm of James Phipps, a healthy 8-year-old boy. Six weeks later, Jenner injected smallpox matter into the arm of the boy and it had no impact. This was the beginning of vaccinations. (See note 5)

What is not so often reported is that Jenner later inoculated his own little boy. The child died before the age of 21!

Since that time, numerous vaccines have been developed. The most commonly administered are shots for: polio (poliomyelitis), mumps, diphtheria, measles, German measles (rubella), tetanus and whooping cough (pertussis).

More recently, the pharmaceutical industry has come up with flu shots and chicken pox vaccines. More are in the offing, especially in the wake of 9/11 and the bio-terrorism scares that followed.

Statistical Flummery

It is often said by proponents of vaccines that the development of the polio vaccine by Salk and (later) Sabin and some other vaccines has virtually wiped out those diseases from the planet. Let us just examine polio, since it is the best known “success story” of the vaccine proponents.

Polio is, indeed, a scary disease. I am old enough personally to remember seeing people on TV who were stuck in “iron lungs” because polio had robbed them of the muscle control to breath on their own. It is a contagious disease caused by a virus that may attack nerve cells of the brain or spinal cord. In some cases it can be very damaging, causing paralysis of the limbs and even death due to respiratory paralysis (hence the iron lung).

In 1955, Dr. Jonas Salk developed a killed-vaccine virus against polio. Four years later, Dr. Albert Sabin devised a live-virus oral vaccine. Both are supposedly safe and effective. Polio is now virtually unheard of in the US today. This is supposedly due to the vaccines.

Actually, two things need to be stated. Epidemiological evidence indicates that even in its heyday, polio only noticeably affected 10% of the people who contracted it. The natural polio virus produced no symptoms on 90% of the exposed population. Some medical experts believe the large majority of the population has natural immunity to polio. (See note 6)

There is no evidence that the polio vaccines had anything to do with the virtual disappearance of the disease in this country. From 1923 to 1953, prior to the Salk vaccine being introduced, the polio death rate in the US and England had already declined on its own by 47% and 55% respectively. This was more likely due to improvements in hygiene and nutrition. Statistics show a similar decline in other European countries as well (See note 7)

Ironically, even when the vaccines made it over to Europe, many countries refused to use them and the polio rates still tanked. (See note 8) On the other hand, the number of polio cases reported after the mass inoculations with the killed-virus (Salk) vaccine was significantly greater than before. It may have doubled in the US as a whole. Just as one frightening example, the number of reported cases of polio in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts rose from 273 (before the vaccine) to 2027 (after the vaccine)! (See note 9)

Scientists in the National Institute of Health (NIH) seem to have known that the Salk vaccine was ineffective and possibly deadly. They said it was “worthless and dangerous to take.” (See note 10) They refused to vaccinate their own children! Even Dr. Salk was quoted as saying, “When you vaccinate your children, you don’t sleep well for two or three weeks.” (See note 11)

Typically, the National Institute for Infantile Paralysis and the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company (that had sunk big bucks into the vaccine) coerced the US Public Health service into signing a statement claiming the vaccine was safe and 100% effective. (See note 12)

Not only that, the standards for defining polio was changed when the live virus vaccine was introduced. For example, the NEW definition of an epidemic required 35 cases reported out of 100,000. It used to be 20 out of 100,000. This meant “less” epidemics. Paralytic polio was also redefined, making it harder to diagnose and therefore tally cases. (See note 13)

Believe it or not, in 1976 Dr. Jonas Salk testified that the live virus (Sabin) vaccine was the “principal if not sole cause” of all reported polio cases since 1961. (See note 14) Meningitis is also being linked to the weakened poliovirus still in the Sabin vaccine. (See note 15) The CDC has also acknowledged that the live virus vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio outbreaks in the US today. (See note 16) Yet, in spite of all this, the vaccine train rolls on.

Health Impact

Beyond actually causing some polio cases, there are also significant long-range effects from

these vaccines. This is not surprising. Dr. Maurice Hillaman is on record as saying that the polio vaccines, both Salk and Sabin, were “hideously contaminated with monkey viruses, even as they are today.” They inoculated more than 100 million people with these vaccines, which evidently had cancer viruses. (See note 17) Dr. Hillaman is heard on tape joking:

“[We] brought in African green [monkeys]. I didn’t know we were importing in the AIDS virus at the time. Those monkeys did not have the wild viruses… SB40 virus was in the Sabin vaccine, in the stock on the shelf at Merck’s [during the field trials in Russia]. There were 40 different viruses in these in the old days. We would win the Olympics because the Russians would be loaded down with tumors…” (See note 18)

Is it a laughing matter that some of these vaccines may have brought about the AIDS epidemic today, to say nothing of the meteoric rise in cancers?

Similar horror stories could be found with other vaccines. For example, 46% of all pertussis (whooping cough) cases were contracted by people who were vaccinated against the disease! (See note 19) In terms of long-range health impact, few vaccines can top the damage done by the DTP vaccine. For those interested in the detailed information on the other vaccines which is beyond the scope of this booklet, please see Neil Miller’s excellent book, VACCINES: ARE THEY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE — see information in the Bibliography at the end.

Some of the ingredients in vaccines are, in fact, quite poisonous. These include formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum compounds (now implicated in Alzheimer’s disease), phenol, acetone (similar to fingernail polish remover) and even anti-freeze. (See note 20) These poisons are known to be excito-toxins” (See note 21) and immune system sensitizers. This means they make the immune system more sensitive and thus less able to cope with foreign substances found in the body. Imagine injecting some of that stuff into an adult, to say nothing of a baby! What are these people thinking? This could well be the reason for the rise in autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in the past generation. Remember, no one ever heard of chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia before the baby boom (vaccine) generation. One writer elaborates on the ingredients:

Then there are other ingredients such as animal organ tissue and blood that our bodies would not have a problem with IF they entered the body orally because our digestive system breaks down foreign proteins, unusable in that form, into their constituent amino-acids, which are then absorbed and usable by the body.

However, our immune systems have not been designed to deal with foreign proteins being injected. In fact the injection of any foreign substance is well known to suppress the immune system and vaccination is no exception. (See note 22)

But do they Work?

Unfortunately, the short answer to this question is NO. But let us look closer. Notice how vaccines are no longer called “immunizations” by knowledgeable pediatricians. This is because they know (or should know) that these shots really do not immunize anyone.

Vaccines DO cause the body to produce antibodies, but they do not create immunization. They usually have the opposite effect.

Oddly enough, the very aluminum compounds that are so toxic to the human organism are deliberately included in the vaccine formulae as “adjuvants” to artificially force the production of a number of virus specific IgG antibodies, because the immune system does not naturally produce them (in significant levels) on demand by injections? (See note 23)

The trouble is, the IgG antibodies thus produced only show that there has been exposure to that virus. Their presence does not mean immunity. The secretory IgA antibody that does not get produced by injections because injections bypass the outer level processes of the immune system, which has been found to be a far better measure of immunity. (See note 24)

This is why contracting tetanus by a deep puncture wound (like an injection) does not bring immunity, only sensitization. Simply put, vaccines are only a pallid imitation of the genuine immune response of the human. They have limited effectiveness and wear out, unlike natural immunity. Plus, vaccines carry some serious health risks.

DTP: A “Shot in the Dark?”

The number of horror stories related to the DPT shot would curl the hair of any parent, yet most meekly consent to their children getting this vaccine at a tender age because they do not know any better. The three vaccines are combined into one shot. Both the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines contained therein are “stabilized” with chemicals such as formalde- hyde, thimerosal (a derivative of mercury) and aluminum phosphate. All of these chemicals are either carcinogenic or are otherwise highly toxic to humans. (See note 25) We have all heard of the dangers of mercury poisoning, and of course formaldehyde is embalming fluid. Yet we inject them into infants.

The pertussis vaccine is actually used in laboratory experiments on animals to induce anaphylactic shock (massive allergic reaction) and to cause acute autoimmune encephalomyelitis (allergic encephalitis). (See note 26) The end result of this would astonish anyone! Harris L. Coulter has done an excellent job of documenting the incredible impact which the DPT vaccine has had on American society in his two books, DPT: A SHOT IN THE DARK and VACCINATION: SOCIAL VIOLENCE AND CRIMINALITY, THE MEDICAL ASSAULT ON THE AMERICAN BRAIN.

There is virtually no aspect of life in the US (and much of Europe) that has not been negatively impacted by these vaccines. The dirty little secret of the connection between vaccines and autism is finally coming out. Here is a quote from Coulter’s book:

Harvey Jackson, Jr. is a classic case. According to his father’s diary, at age 3 months, his breathing stopped altogether — thirty-six hours after his second DPT shot. The father describes this occurrence:

I’m looking at the shot record now, and it stated that on January /3, 1972, Harvey was given a DPT shot. I then looked at my diary, since this is an event you can never forget. On January 15, 1

wrote: “A difficult and frightening day. Harvey had been wheezing loudly since the morning and by one or two PM he was so severely tried in his breathing that I became terribly alarmed. He had to be held upright so he could breathe. Once, possibly twice, as I held him, he stopped breathing, only to start again after being thrown over my shoulder and hit on the back. We then saw a doctor — the backup doctor for the regular pediatrician — who said to take him Children’s Hospital.

Harvey Sr. believes that Harvey Jr. narrowly escaped “sudden infant death.” The boy grew up to be moderately autistic. Thus, autism and SIDS appear to be generated in the same way — by an encephalitis most commonly caused by vaccination! (See note 27)

How many heart-broken parents have found a baby dead in its crib due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and never drew the connection to the fact that the child had received its DTP shot a few days or weeks earlier? Scientists say that they do not know the cause of SIDS, but there are truly alarming correlations between vaccines and SIDS.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz believes DPT is the prime cause of SIDS! The shot can give kids high fevers, inconsolable crying, high pitched screaming like they are possessed, pain, projectile vomiting, sleepiness, sleeplessness, for days and days, seizures, collapse, and shock. (See note 28) Reactions to these shots can be terrifying to parents and agonizing for the infant:

Two California pediatricians in 1979 reported on “a bulging fontanel associated with increased infra-cranial pressure” within 24 hours of a DPT shot. The baby was “irritable.” One interviewed mother describes her baby’s reaction to the second DPT shot:

She got limp, her pupils dilated, and she couldn’t eat or respond. I called another doctor and he said that Jeannie’s mole, the mole in her head, was protruding. I hadn’t noticed it, but the doctor said to take her to the hospital immediately.

An inflammation that causes the brain to swell in this way must cause a headache. Furthermore, the “high pitched screaming” and “persistent crying” which are so common with vaccine reactions, as well as the fact that babies often pick at their ears, clearly indicates a headache (as well as incipient otitis)…

Diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, gastroenteritis, stomach aches, enuresis, constipation, loss of sphincter control, etc. are all found in encephalitis and are frequently reported after the DPT shot. (See note 29)

Autism – Utterly Alone!

As most people know, autism is a baffling disease that attacks young people and makes them withdraw into themselves. There are varying degrees of the disease (which has no officially acknowledged cause) but in the worst cases, the child is utterly cut off from the world, has no ability to show feelings or connections to loved ones. They sit like a zombie for hours and yet can also have fits of mysteriously violent rage.

It is interesting that autism first began being discussed in the medical literature in 1943 by a Dr. Leo Kanner, a famous child psychiatrist. No one at the time, or since, has officially noticed that the first cases of autism began to emerge at exactly the same time as the vaccination for whooping cough (pertussis) was becoming increasingly popular.

If autism is a manifestation of vaccine-induced encephalitis, the implications are very disturbing. The symptoms manifested with pathological intensity in a small group will, of necessity, appear in a milder form in a much larger percentage of the population. For every “autistic” who is shut away in an institution, there will be a thousand alienated individuals functioning as normal, tax-paying citizens.

The parallel with the alienation and anomie of twentieth century industrial society is striking. How much of this loneliness are we inflicting on ourselves? (See note 30)

Without wishing to be overly simplistic, think of how generally disturbed our society has become since the widespread use of this vaccine (and others). Think of the rapid rise of mental illness, of mood disorders, and of mysterious autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, etc. Many of these diseases were unheard of a generation ago! This is not even to mention the incredible rise in the use of drugs to treat childhood behavioral “disorders” like ADHD. None of this predates the use of vaccines. Coulter makes an interesting observation:

Love of music is not surprising [among autistic children]. These children suffer from, among other things. inability to organize their perceptions and their thoughts. Music, especially when there is a pronounced beat, will provide structure for them. “They rock, they hum, they love to dance.”

The only time he will rock is when he heard music.

The beat of the music fulfills for them as cradle rocking. Was it pure coincidence that “rock music” burst on the scene in the late 1950’s, just when the first vaccinated generation was reaching adolescence? (See note 31)

When one thinks of the pain borne by parents of autistic children, the parallels between autism and vaccination become almost infuriating.

The same chronological parallel between autism and childhood vaccination programs is found in other countries. In Japan, for example, the first autistic was a boy born in February of 1945. One of the first public health measures introduced by the US occupation was a compulsory pertussis vaccination program, and this case seems more than a coincidence.

Today the prevalence of autism in Japan — 4.5/10,000 live births — is lower than in the United States but comparable.

In England, the pertussis vaccine was introduced on a broad scale only in the late 1950’s, after a series of trials from 1946-1957. Prior to this time, it had been used only sporadically by physicians. When a society of parents of autistic children was established in London in 1962, most of the children were found to have been born in the late 1950’s, with a few from the early 1950’s.

In England, the incidence of autism is the same as in Japan, 4.5/10,000 live births. Why these countries have less autism than the United States has never been explained, but it is probably because the pertussis vaccine is given later in these two countries than in the US (at 6 months in the UK and two years in Japan); coverage in England is optional and, depending on circumstances, ranges from 80-30%; British physicians, finally, take more to elicit contraindications and are less eager to vaccinate a child at risk than are the physicians in the US. (See note 32)

Coulter presents compelling evidence that the DPT vaccines cause a kind of sub-clinical encephalitis — which is to say an infection of the brain that does not normally come to the attention of doctors or pediatricians as such (sub-clinical). It just causes varying degrees of bizarre behavior that then gets labeled as a “conduct disorder” or a “behavior disorder.” He refers to these children as being “post-encephalitic” and / or “minimally brain damaged.” (MBD) Even eating disorders often have their root in this vaccine:

Anorexia can also be caused by amphetamines given to these children to control hyperactivity. Or these MBD /Minimal Brain Damaged] children may eat too much and indiscriminately (bulimia), a condition which, like anorexia, came into prominence in the 1960’s.

Anorexia is thought to occur in up to 1% of adolescent females (ages 12-18). Bulimia is even more common, as college student surveys detect it in 4.5% to 13% of females and 0.4-5% of males.

The rule of thumb is that 15% of adolescent girls in the US experience serious problems with anorexia and/or bulimia. Thus, the post-encephalitic syndrome seems to be manifested in males predominantly as hyperactivity and in females predominantly as appetite disorder.

Even if a child does eat, he may still have severe colic as an infant, arching his back from the pain in his stomach. He may have suffered inordinately from stomachaches in childhood and adolescence. Bad breath has also been noted. (See note 33)

Mental Cases?

Most parents of every generation look at their adolescent children and think that they are “crazy” sometimes. However, now more than ever parents are seeing some really strange mental and emotional problems that were unheard of before 1950. Learning disorders are one obvious example:

Dyslexia is the reason why “Johnny can’t read” today. Although solutions to the problem of galloping illiteracy in the US are continually being proposed, no one really believes they will work. Our educational establishment is just conducting a holding action in the hope that they will wake up one day and find that Johnny can read after all.

This will never occur, however, as long as all the Johnnies in the country are being vaccinated with substances capable of making them dyslexic. (See note 34)

There is also the rising epidemic of violence among children. Here is a chilling letter to Ann Landers

Dear Ann Landers,
…Last October, the teacher of a fourth grade class asked her students to write a short essay on what they would like to do most for Halloween. Eighty percent of her nine-year-olds expressed the wish to “kill somebody.” 
Where do children get such ideas? … What are we going to do about this love of violence among the young? Frankly, it scares me to death. (See note 35)

Evidently, in the past decade, these 9-year-olds grew up and became the high school shooters of the nineties and the new millennium. To be sure, not all of this can be laid at the door of the vaccine industry. However, it is part of a spiraling cycle of violent movies, violent TV, violent video games, and even violent spirituality – to say nothing of excessive use of powerful mind- altering drugs like Ritalin and Prozac.

Why do children want — nay demand — such violent and high-speed entertainment? What has changed in the past 40 years that has led us from teens listening to “I want to Hold Your Hand” to teens listening to Death Metal and desiring to kill someone before they have even hit puberty?

This “sub-clinical encephalitis” may indeed be a major reason this is happening. Unfortunately, that is not the end of it. Here is a statement made by a speaker at the 1978 World Congress on Biological Psychiatry:

Pathological aggression in children, because of its high incidence and chronicity, the lack of effective therapy, and its widespread adverse effects on society, remains probably the main problem in children psychiatry and is likely to increase. Now that the first post-encephalitic generation [baby boomers] has grown to adulthood and started to raise families, the combination of hyper-sexuality. low frustration tolerance, and tendency to violence is bearing fruit in a radically higher incidence of physical and sexual abuse of children, even small babies. (See note 36)

Space does not permit a full examination of the awful effects of these vaccines on children. But suffice it to say that everything from criminal violence to precocious hyper-sexuality (too much interest in sex at too early an age) can be statistically linked to vaccine programs.

The typical intellectual nowadays blames the rise in violence and crime on poverty and lack of education. These are only a small part of the problem. Consider the point Coulter makes:

In 1933, in the depths of the Depression, the incidence of “violent crime” (a category which includes murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault) was 200 per 100,000 persons in the population. By the 1940’s it had declined to 100 but in 1963 it was back at the Depression-era level. Thereafter it climbed steadily, reaching 500 in 1978 and over 600 in 1987.

Those who would blame today’s epidemic of violence on poverty should explain why it is three times higher today than in 1933 at the height of the Depression and 6 times higher than in the 1940’s. Has the US really become a poorer country since 1933?

Professor of Psychiatry Louise J. West, at UCLA school of medicine stated in 1985: “If you had morbidity and mortality rates like that from any infectious disease, there would be millions of dollars spent on it. This epidemic makes all the rest of what the CDC is doing pale by comparison as an epidemiologic problem. (See note 37)

The epidemic of violence in our streets and homes can be laid mostly not on poverty, but on the fact that encephalitis in a sub-clinical (often undetectable) form is re-wiring our children’s brains in ways nature or our Creator never intended. Nowadays people of the baby-boom generation and beyond seem to have far less tolerance for frustration, far less ability to cope with stress and far less ability to control their anger. None of this can be good for our society.

The cost to our young people is especially tragic. Young children suffering from supposed hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder (often caused by vaccines) are being given Ritalin, a kind of amphetamine or “speed” in appalling numbers. This too has its effect:

The amphetamines which have for years been prescribed for symptoms of minimal brain damage IADHDI may potentiate [empower] the suicidal impulses of these individuals.

The teenaged suicide rate jumped 75% between 1968 and 1979 —from 5 to 9/ 100,000 (in 1950 it was 4.5 per 100,000). By 1986 it had climbed to 13. This translates into 5,000 adolescent suicides per year, and there are 50 or 100 attempts for every successful suicide! (See note 38)

For years people have wondered about why so many teens are killing themselves. Might not this be one of the reasons? Most of this vaccination is being done uncritically because it is a huge cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry and medical professionals are afraid to let people know how dangerous these drugs really are for fear of lawsuits that could shatter both the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Russian Roulette?

One reason that babies and children are so profoundly affected by these shots is that their immune systems and nervous systems are still developing. Vaccine activist Bronwyn Hancock notes:

Some babies lose the battle against the invasive toxic assault of vaccines in hours, days or weeks. If the parents are “lucky,” it is diagnosed as cot death [SIDS], or if an organ fails it is classified simply as failure of that organ (e.g. kidney failure). However, if injuries such as subdural hematomas or retinal hemorrhages are found, the parents… find themselves falsely accused of murder in the form of “shaken baby” syndrome. (See note 39)

This might lead people to think that perhaps these vaccines are less problematic for adults. To a small degree this is true, but there are still significant dangers. For example, one of the

worst kept secrets in the military is that one of the major culprits in Gulf War Syndrome is the vaccine that was given to our troops.

Even currently (during Gulf War II), several of our troops have dropped dead soon after receiving vaccines before going overseas. And these are our fighting forces presumably young and in top condition! Imagine the effect these vaccines would have on a less-healthy middle-aged person with some of the health challenges that come with that age.

According to the CDC (its data for 1995-96): there were over 45,000 vaccine-injured people over 5 years. They think that this represents less than 1% of the actual injuries due to gross under-reporting. This rounds off to 4.5 million vaccine-induced injuries in 5 years. (See note 40) There is an ongoing holocaust of vaccines in this country, and not a word in the press!

Why else do you think that so comparatively few medical personnel elected to get the smallpox vaccine when they made it available. The “voluntary” vaccine program was a flop because the medical professionals KNEW that such a vaccine is at best a kind of medical Russian roulette.

In the “old days,” children got these childhood diseases (chicken pox, mumps, etc.) and then they had immunity for life. Today, the medicrats are pushing vaccines for chicken pox, which is virtually NEVER a life threatening disease. If your child gets the chicken pox shot, he or she will need to get a booster later. Why not just let the child get the disease? He will then be immune forever. Sure, it is uncomfortable for a few days for the child, but look at what Dr. Len Horowitz says about the vaccine for chicken pox:

The chicken pox vaccine — has ingredients like: MSG, aluminum. mercury, formaldehyde, formalin, Herpes Zoster (same as chicken pox). It [the vaccine] also contains foreign RNA and DNA (this means carcinogens!) that can become precancerous cells or lesions. You do not create hybrid seeds ( the Bible .forbids this).— recombinant viruses — mutant hybrid cells in your own body. These cells attach themselves to your own cells and create what is called an antigenic complex. Then the body mounts an immune response against the antigenic complex and you end up with autoimmune disease. Never a greater lie has been told than “Vaccines are safe and effective.”‘ (See note 41)

Because of vaccine programs over in Africa, soft tissue tumors rising off the charts in the past two decades: Breast, prostate, lung, lymphoma and melanoma. It is tragic to note that lymphoma is only endemic to a small region of Africa, around an American research center in West Nile — from mothers who had received certain vaccines. Dr. Horowitz thinks vaccines are a major reason for the rise in breast cancer among women. (See note 42)

He wonders: is it a coincidence that 35% of Native American women are sterile and 25% of Black women are sterile? How did this happen? Probably the tetanus vaccine (given to thousands of women in the 1980’s here and abroad). It caused their bodies to attack their own reproductive systems. (See note 43)

Now they are pushing the Hepatitis B vaccine for all newborns in hospitals. This is irresponsible. Parents should read the Merck literature on side effects for Hep B vaccines. It states that among infants that are vaccinated:

  • 15% DEVELOP redness and swelling around the site of injection
  • 14% develop a bit of fever, some flu like symptoms
  • 13% develop more sustained fevers, more flu symptoms 9-10% develop serious flu symptoms
  • Less than 1% sustains serious injury (brain damage, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, SIDS, etc.) 25 million kids would get the shot — what is 1% of 25 million? 250,000 children that might well sustain brain damage, arthritis or SlDS. (See note 44) Folks, this is not responsible medicine.What Can Be Done?Of course, the first thing if you are a parent is to pray about not letting your child get the vaccines. That is your right (so far) and hopefully this will not change. It comes under our First Amendment rights if you claim an exemption for religious reasons. This is perfectly justifiable, as there are certainly elements in these vaccines which the Bible condemns, both because of hybridization and because they are harmful to us and thus violate the sixth commandment.If at all possible, you — yourself — should avoid getting any shots. It is difficult if you are in the military. But otherwise, hopefully we will still retain our freedoms even in this age of increasing encroachment on our rights due to anti-terrorism measures.But many parents ask us: “We didn’t know any of this. We let our kids get shots. What do we do?” Or perhaps you were vaccinated as a child. Most all of us were inoculated simply because that was the thing to do in the forties through the sixties and our parents trusted the doctors.Well, unfortunately, other than prayer for YHWH to heal and protect our children, and us there are not easy answers. There are certain herbs you can take like marshmallow and astragalus that will strengthen and stabilize the immune system. It would also be entirely appropriate for people with concerns to do a colon cleanse and a liver cleanse. (See note 45) The liver is responsible for getting toxins out of your body, and this will help it run at optimum levels.It would also be wise to take lots of tonic or adaptogenic herbs like ginseng, schizandra and dong quai. These help strengthen the body’s overall response to stressors of any sort — biological or emotional. Additionally, we recommend staying away from all excito-toxins like MSG and aspartame (NutraSweet©).Another key was to strengthen your immune system would be with powerful medicinal mushrooms like Chaga, Shitake, Reishi, Maitake and Agaricus blazei. The sea algae Chlorella is excellent for helping to get rid of heavy metals in the body.

Also, it is a VERY good idea to stay away from caffeine that can interfere with natural sleep patterns. (See note 46) We do most of our healing and rebuilding during the hours that we sleep, so this is critical. Also try to eat as many live and wholesome foods as possible and stay away from processed foods! (See note 47) Avoid places like McDonald’s and its ilk like the plague.

Since much of the problems due to vaccines come from the viral material they contain, it is helpful to use protocols that deal well with viruses. Olive Leaf extract is a powerful anti-viral agent. Essential oils like thyme, clove, oregano and orange (See note 48) are strong anti-viral agents. Additionally they help oxygenate the blood. Viruses do not do well in fluids with a sufficient amount of oxygen in them because most are anaerobic (do not like oxygen). You can place thyme, clove and orange oils in a capsule and ingest them orally for a powerful way to clear viruses out of your body.

Some researchers believe that old viruses from shots, etc. get driven deep into the body and end up lodged in the spine. That is a VERY bad place for them to be. Later on in life, they emerge to cause all these spooky new diseases like CFS, Lupus and fibromyalgia.

What can really help is to sprinkle drops of thyme and oregano essential oil down the spine and then gently massage them in. If the person happens to be a redhead or has otherwise sensitive skin, put some sort of natural massage oil (almond oil, sesame oil, etc.) on their back first. Oregano can be a pretty “hot oil.” Do not use massage oil with artificial ingredients or dyes in it. Stick to all natural organic oils from a health food store. Read labels.

This approach may help drive viruses out of the spinal cord and destroy them. Note that conventional medical science claims that viruses cannot be taken out of action, but supplements like essential oils, Ninxia wolfberries or Goji berries (See note 49) or Olive Leaf Extract can be really powerful approaches that have been shown in clinical studies in Europe to be highly effective against viruses.

These oil treatments can even be given to children as long as the natural massage oil is put down first to protect their sensitive skin. Even for infants, do NOT use “baby lotion,” as it is full of chemicals that are not good for the skin or your baby’s immune system. (See note 50)

Finally, and most important, try and keep a positive, praise-filled attitude. We realize that a booklet like this can be overwhelming, if not downright depressing. But realize that praise boosts the immune system. There are all sorts of elements in a positive outlook (which is a Christian outlook — how can you NOT be positive when you are on your way to heaven??) that have been proven to enhance the immune system and help the body throw off disease. Even Proverbs bears out the power of a happy heart to heal (Prov. 17:22 , see also 15:13).

When you are refreshed with a good night’s rest and uplifted through Bible study and good prayer time and worship and praise, you will find that the body will be virtually disease- proof. Even the diseases that got into you by trickery, such as the vaccine issues, will have a much harder time prospering and surviving.

The trick is to make your body so full of positive chemicals (endorphins, etc.) from praising

and worshipping God and so well nourished with good wholesome food and oxygenating supplements that no self-respecting microbe or virus will want to live there.

Of course, in terms of your children, pray for them every day. Lay hands on them and anoint them with oil for healing. To the extent that you can, get them to eat right and stay away from sugar (which can also mess up your sleep patterns). Massage them with healing oils as well, and you will be blessed by the results, both spiritually and physically.

Finally, some excellent further resources on the subject of vaccines are:

The book: VACCINES: ARE THEY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE by Neil Z. Miller (New Atlantean Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1996)

The books and tapes (audio and video) of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, available from www.tetrahedron.orgDr. Horowitz has excellent materials on vaccine, and also on AIDS, Ebola and other scary modern bio-threats. He also has some good books on wellness. is the website of the Vaccine Information Center, an excellent organization which has a lot of resources and educational material on vaccines.

If you are not on the web, contact us and we will get you mailing addresses or phone numbers for these two organizations.

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48.) We only recommend therapeutic grade essential oils. These can be had through Bill Schnoebelen at WOA, who is a Naturopathic doctor. You should not try and take non-therapeutic grades oils (such as you might get at a health food store) internally.

49.) These berries (Lycium barbarian – called Goji berries in China), from a certain province in China after which they are named, are thousands of times more powerful than oranges, blueberries, etc. as an anti-oxidant. Contact our ministry for more free information.

50.) For more information on the issue of chemical toxins in toiletries, etc., contact us and ask for a free booklet, “Rub-a-Dub-Dub, There’s Cancer in your Tub.”