By William Schnoebelen, N.D., C.N.H.P.

[Obligatory Legal Warning: The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. No concept or product in this article is intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. The opinions are those of the authors alone who are NOT medical doctors.]

Homeopathy is one of a wide range of holistic healing or “alternative medicine” strategies that have recently come to the fore. Naturopaths, Herbopaths, and Homeopathic healers have presented themselves as alternatives (or at least complimentary) to traditional MD’s (called “allopaths”) with their approach of treating with drugs, surgery or other technology.

Homeopathy comes from two words. The word “Homo” is rooted in the Greek word for similar or the same. For example, HOMO-sexuals are attracted to the SAME sex. “Pathy” is rooted in the Greek for disease, like the word “pathology.” Thus, homeopathy is the concept of “like curing like.” Webster’s dictionary defines it in this way:

[term] adopted (c. 1800) by Samuel Christian Hahnemann [German physician], a system of medical treatment based on the theory that certain diseases can be cured by giving very small doses of drugs which in a healthy person and in large doses would produce symptoms like those of the disease. (See note 1)’

So, if I have a fever, I take a remedy that contains an incredibly minute quantity of a fever-producing substance. This would heal me or at least bring relief of symptoms according to homeopathic theory.

Let’s broaden the scope for a moment, and then we can get into details Homeopathy is not exactly Naturopathy. We know, because we are Naturopaths. Naturopathy is the practice of medicine by natural means. It is a broad-ranging field of healing disciplines that include vitamins, herbalism (giving people herbs for healing), colonic therapy, enzymes, massage, hydrotherapy, etc.

I am a Naturopathic healer. However, I never had the occasion to study much about homeopathy.

An Important Distinction in Healing

There is a fundamental philosophical difference between the approaches of allopaths (AMA doctors) and Naturopaths and most alternative healing methods (including homeopathy). It is this that we need to examine before we can really unpack the whole problem of homeopathy.

For thousands of years, most all doctors or healers from all cultures we are aware of believed in a concept known as “Vitalism.” This comes from the word “vita” in Latin, meaning life. The essential idea behind Vitalism was the idea that our Creator YHWH put within living organisms a natural tendency toward life, wholeness and balance. You might call it the soul, or you might call it (as modern scientists do) homeostasis. Vitalists have believed that all of created nature—including our body—has the inherent ability to self-correct—to move toward wellness.

This means that if you do something to a human body, certain incredibly complex mechanisms immediately move into play to bring the physiology back into balance. An example would be fainting. Fainting is usually caused by a sudden loss of blood flow to the brain. This can come from shock, from a sudden blow to the head, or even from standing up too fast.

When you “feel faint,” your body has the intelligence to know that the best thing to do is to get the head down to the lowest place it can so that blood can run to the brain. Its highest priority has to be to protect and nourish the brain. So it “makes” you fall down, even though we call this “passing out” and it frightens us, it is actually quite natural. This is why a person who “feels faint” is told to sit down at once and put their head between their legs. It accomplishes the same thing and may ward off the fainting spell.

Vitalists were empirical, which means that they believed in observing nature (i.e. the body) and noting its self-correcting activities. This, they felt, was the way to better understand the body.

A key idea in Vitalism was that you should do things when you are well to maintain this balance and this would make it less likely that you would get sick. For example, this is reflected in the ancient practice in China of paying the doctor as long as you stay well, and then – when you become ill – you STOP paying him until you get better. This is, of course, totally opposite from modern medicine.

Today, some call this taking care of the balance within the body either “prophylactic medicine” or “building up the immune system.” Vitalists viewed the problem of disease as a sign of an underlying imbalance somewhere in the body that your body is trying to correct, just like the fainting.

With One Accord Ministries

Another example of this would be a fever. Most people do not understand that fever is actually a good thing. Why shouldn’t it be? It is part of the way God designed the immune system. The body produces a fever when the immune system senses that there are too many foreign organisms (germs, etc.) in the bloodstream. It raises the body’s temperature because God has supplied the human immune system with the understanding that the higher temperatures will kill off most invading organisms.

Thus, the Vitalist observes nature and helps it in its course. They have always asked WHY things are happening and then act to enhance the healing forces that the human body already has been given from God.

The bottom line with Vitalism was the belief in the innate impulse toward life and balance in living things and that the best thing a doctor could do was simply whatever he could to facilitate the process of healing the body is already doing. The Vitalist practitioner would say, with Hippocrates, “I do not heal anyone. Only YHWH can heal.”

Oddly enough, this Hippocrates (a pagan Greek (See note 2)) – as in the Hippocratic oath (See note 3) – is felt to be the “father” of modern “mainstream” medicine. Yet he was a Vitalist. He is almost the “patron saint” of the American Medical Association, and yet the AMA is only now beginning to BARELY come around to Hippocrates’ way of thinking.

The Mechanistic View

On the other hand, there is a medical philosophy that is known as “Atomism.” Atomism is radically opposed to Vitalism. Of course, we know the word “atom” as a tiny, sub-molecular particle of which molecules are made. However, originally, the Greek term meant the smallest object possible. Even today we see this in words like “atomizer” which is a sprayer that reduces liquids like perfumes to the tiniest possible spray.

Atomists (led by another Greek philosopher named Democritus) believed that the human body had no spiritual component nor inner intelligence but that it was just like plumbing or a machine of sorts. To be certain, it was a wonderfully complex machine, but it was still a machine. The Atomist view, as begun with Democritus, denied anything beyond the material realm.

Needless to say, the modern mainstream doctors tend to be Atomists. Though they would don’t verbalize it in this way, they essentially view themselves as glorified plumbers! Look at their “Roto- rooter” approach to the body. If your blood vessels (pipes) are clogged with atheroma and you have high blood pressure or a plugged up artery, they either send some tiny “Roto-rooter”-like device into the arteries to scour out the gunk, or they send in a balloon (angioplasty) which they inflate in the problematic artery and shove the offending blockages to the side – at least for a time. (See note 4)

Even the modern “wonder surgery” approach of the coronary bypass is essentially a plumbing solution. Of course, this mechanistic approach works very well at things like fixing broken bones or removing bullets from people. MD’s are (or should be) superb at such things.

But the difference here between Vitalism and Atomism could not be stronger. The Vitalist “plumber” might do something of an herbal nature to help out the clogging problem, but he or she would also want

to know the reason WHY the drains (arteries) are getting clogged. Maybe it is because the homeowner is pouring raw bacon fat down the pipes! Obviously, even if you unclog the pipes, if they keep pouring bacon grease down the pipes, they will just clog up again.

In a sense, until very recently, the Atomist-AMA approach was disease- or symptom-centered. If you had a headache, they gave you a pill to make the pain go away. If you have high blood pressure, they give you a pill that keeps your brain from sending out nerve impulses that increase the blood pressure. If you have a brain tumor, they cut out the tumor. They were, until just the last ten or fifteen years or so, either mystified or unconcerned with WHY the person has high blood pressure or a brain tumor.

Thus, while the Vitalist seeks to understand WHY things happen in nature, the Atomist is more concerned with controlling nature with things like surgery or antibiotics.

Oddly enough, both surgery and antibiotics are highly destructive to the human immune system. Surgery breaks the body’s own first line of defense, its “hermetically sealed” skin. Of course, in extreme cases it may be necessary. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but they also kill of billions of the “friendly” bacteria (See note 5) in the stomach and gut that help the human body stay alive and digest foods, etc. Both are a kind of “devil’s bargain.”

Obviously, the homeopath, the herbalist, and most other alternative medicine types are more in the Vitalist camp. AMA medicine is only recently being “dragged,” kicking and screaming, into the idea of preventative medicine. Instead of waiting until something is broken and then fixing it; maybe if we taught them good diet principles and how to live so as to optimize the immune system, they wouldn’t get “broken” in the first place.

Think of the whole controversy as this “parable:” There was a town where a street ended in a huge cliff. Often, drivers and pedestrians would unknowingly drive or walk off the cliff and end up crashing a hundred feet below. The ALLOPATH Town Council voted and said that an excellent team of paramedics should be assigned at the bottom of the cliff to cart people off to the hospital and fix them up – set fractures, take care of concussions, etc. But the NATUROPATHIC minority said, “Wouldn’t it be cheaper and less painful to just put up signs warning people about the cliff?” But the town council laughed at them and said their solution was “too simplistic.” So, people kept driving off the cliff and getting hurt. The naturopaths did what they could outside official channels to warn everyone about the cliff… And the ambulance companies, the hospitals and the doctors got rich!

Now, consider this for a moment. Which of these two philosophical systems are more Biblical? It is not a clear call, but certainly the materialistic Atomist (who would deny a spiritual component to healing) is not in keeping with the Biblical worldview of a Creator Who is intimately involved in His creation and Whose inspired writers tell us that creation is “good” (Gen. 1:31) and that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Ps. 139:14)

The Bible confirms that we are essentially spiritual beings first and foremost – that man was made of the earth and had YHWH’s Ruach (breath or spirit) breathed into him. Thereupon, he became a living soul. (Gen. 2:7) Essentially, true Atomists must be Darwinian evolutionists. Otherwise they would have to believe in and acknowledge the existence of YHWH as creator and a divine intelligence behind the maintaining of our bodies.

Our Dilemma

Now, back to me. When people started contacting me about whether or not homeopathy was a problem, I didn’t really have a answer. The Bible (obviously) nowhere says “Thou shalt not use homeopathy.” Since there was no clear statement from the Bible, I consulted a couple of “experts” in medicine or spiritual warfare. The problem was (in retrospect), both were Christians but also MD’s and thus their training gave them a built-in bias against something Vitalist like homeopathy.

One of the people I talked with actually told me that homeopathic remedies were “bottled demons” and that “the Lord” had told her this. I was fairly new at this type of subject, and so I took her at her word. Of course, there is not exactly any scriptural basis for bottling demons, but we passed on that.

On the strength of these two persons’ condemnation of homeopathy, I mentioned it in my book, BLOOD ON THE DOORPOST, and I wrote the “Straight Talk.” However, I were about to learn the truth behind the maxim, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” In the years since then, I began running into solid Christians – even pastors – who disagreed with that position. It seemed that there should be more research done into this subject before I continued to condemn it.

So, in my spare time, I began to really dig into this topic. What I found amazed me. Homeopathy has, in one form or another, been around for thousands of years (not that this, in and of itself, makes it all right). Even Hahnemann acknowledged that he just had re-discovered it. Such towering giants in the history of medicine as Hippocrates and Paracelsus taught the principle of “like cures like.” Indeed, Hippocrates wrote, in 400 B.C., “Through the like, disease is produced, and through the application of the like, it is cured.” (See note 6) Additionally, I found that in Europe and the US, virtually all homeopaths are medical doctors, with full medical school training.

Now, in the original Straight Talk, I gave the following guidelines for determining if a healing practice was all right or not:

Guideline #1: Anything which is specifically forbidden in the Holy Bible should be definitely avoided like the plague. The most obvious such technique would be divination or fortune telling. However, virtually all holistic or “alternative” methodologies are not mentioned specifically in the Bible. For these we need other guidelines.

(As mentioned above, homeopathy is not mentioned in the Bible one way or the other. Of course, neither is chemotherapy nor cardiac surgery.)

Guideline #2: We need to ask: Can this process or treatment be tracked scientifically or is it dependent upon vaguely defined “energies” or “vital spirits” which elude scientific analysis. We can measure chemically the changes that take place when a person takes an aspirin. If this cannot be done with the healing technique, be careful. (We still stand by this statement. However, recent scientific advances are examined below that may relate to homeopathy. Homeopaths do acknowledge that there is no clear understanding of why it works. That may be coming soon, or may already be upon us.)

Guideline #3: A treatment that is scientifically provable will (all other things being equal) work the same way all the time. The essence of science is this repeatability. If you cannot write up the steps taken in the treatment and give them to another scientist and have him repeat the steps to produce the identical result, then what we are talking about is not scientific, but something of a spiritual nature. Thus, aspirin is a dependable analgesic. It works the same way almost all the time. Thus, aspirin—even though derived from an herb (white willow bark)—is scientific.

(Since writing the original Straight Talk, I have learned that homeopathy is highly scientific, both in its formulation and in its application. More on this in a moment.)

Guideline #4: If the treatment seems to be more spiritual than scientific, then two questions must be asked:

1) What worldview is reflected in the origin and practice of the treatment—Christian or pagan?

2) Does the treatment give glory to the Savior Yahushua the Messiah (Jesus Christ’s Hebrew name) and does it fall within Biblical precedents for healing? (Here is the question. Is homeopathy spiritual? Is it “bottled demons?” Or is it just using a more subtle form of interacting with human physiology than most of us can understand? This is a key question!)

Are There Deeper Forces at Work?

Examining Guideline #2 in greater detail, we find ourselves trying to understand why something as subtle as homeopathy works. Let us examine the way it is claimed to work. Homeopathic remedies are substantially composed of distilled water, sugar, and occasionally alcohol. First, herbs, minerals or even animal materials of medicinal properties are finely ground and left to steep in a solution of glucose and water for as long as six months. Every month, this mixture has to be shaken violently. This is key to the successful production of the remedy (See note 7) Then the solution is filtered and bottled, and this is referred to as the “Mother Tincture.” This may well be the only point in the preparation in which any herbal qualities are released into the mixture at all.

These remedies are then prepared in potencies which are measured in either “X”, “C” or “N.” It is important to understand that in Homeopathy it is believed that the more diluted the potency is, the stronger the remedy is believed to be. The potency increases with each dilution. The reasoning behind this belief (which would seem to be contrary to common sense) is that each time these solutions are diluted, they are shaken violently. This is releases “vital energy” into the liquid.

What is this energy is needs closer examination. It is believed by Homeopaths that every plant has its own vital essence. This brings us back to the concept of Vitalism – that every living thing has its own inner intelligence provided by nature (or God) to keep itself healthy and balanced.

This is somewhat like the occult worldview of pantheism or animism. But there is a difference. We understand from the Bible that souls are the principle of life (see Gen. 2:7). Bearing in mind the law of first mention in Bible interpretation, we see that if something is alive – plant or animal or human -it must

have a soul. We also understand that animals and people have spirits (Eccl. 3:21) but that the human spirit is intended to go and be with Yahuwah upon death, and the animal spirit returns to the earth.

The key difference between the Biblical view and pantheism and animism is that with the latter two, animals and plants are worshipped and regarded as divine. The Bible warns us against the worship of creatures rather than the Creator (Rom. 1:25).

Now, homeopathy does not, of course, require the worship of plants or animals; although there may well be homeopaths who are pantheists, just as there are regular AMA MD’s who are pantheists (See note 8). However, homeopaths do seem to believe that there is this vital energy in the materials that they dilute which remains after the dilution is completed. In the Biblical sense, might this not be the soul or lifeforce of the plant?

In any event, it is believed that this shaking of the mixture releases the vital essence or energy of the plant into the solution. Thus, the more it is shaken, the more power is released into the solution.

To produce a potency of “lX”—which is too “weak” to be even dispensed in most cases—the Homeopath will put one drop of the Mother Tincture into a vial containing 9 drops of a neutral solution (water and glucose) and shake it vigorously. To create a potency of 2X, they would take one drop of the lx potency and dilute it with 9 drops of neutral fluid and that is shaken, etc.

6X potency means that you have one drop of the initial solution per million drops of water! This process is called Succussed High Dilutions (SHD). Now of course, by now with a tincture of 1:1,000,000; it is likely that there is absolutely nothing left of the initial herbal mixture—and this is what is desired, because Homeopaths believe that it is the vital essence of the plant that actually effects the healing!

12X potency would be like 1 cubic centimeter (cc) of the Mother Tincture in 1 billion cc’s of the neutral base—a dilution of 1 to 1,000,000,000! That would be like 1 teaspoon of the herbal extract in a tank the size of the Empire State Building! 30X to 1000X is proudly proclaimed by Homeopaths to not even leave ONE single molecule of the original tincture in the remedy.

Homeopaths have written that SHD’s of 10-70 have produced “noted clinical responses.” (See note 9) That is a ratio of 1 to 1070 (10 followed by seventy zeroes!) Now it should be evident to any sensible person that such a dilution would not have anything left of the original herb.

Now, C potencies are originally diluted 1:99 instead of 1:9. You will find many Homeopathic remedies at potencies of up to 12C, that is a dilution of 1:1024! This would be the equivalent of a pinch of salt in a volume of water the size of the Atlantic Ocean!! N potencies are first diluted 1:99, then to produce a 1N potency, the 1:99 dilution is repeated 1000 times! A potency of l0N would be repeated 10,000 times.

Now it should be obvious that you are not drinking simple herbs anymore. In point of fact, there couldn’t possibly be any herbs left in these mixtures. Instead, Homeopaths claim that vital power from the tincture is transferred to the remedy through the “potentiation”—through shaking them. The “vital spirit” is said to correct the imbalance of the vital force within the patient. It is almost as if the vital “intelligence” within the plant can talk with the vital “intelligence” within the human cellular structure and bring relief. (See note 10)

Homeopaths admit that this does not seem to make sense to most people. This is why I personally struggled with homeopathy for years. However, as science becomes more capable of measuring quantum fields of energy, all of sudden it doesn’t seem to be as bizarre as it even did a decade ago.

A Cautionary Note on Humility

More and more scientific research is giving validity to the idea of vital essence from a purely materialistic perspective. It recently (1985-97) appears that there may be a scientific basis for this Vitalism in actual human physiology. The pioneering work of Dr. Robert Becker (See note 11) (an MD) in this country and other studies in Asia (See note 12) indicate that there may be scientific reasons for the effectiveness of such formerly exotic methods of healing as homeopathy and acupuncture. The vital essence of homeopathy (similar to what is called Chi in Chinese medicine) may actually be scientific.

Thus, we must proceed with humility and not assume that western science is the only way to go. The human body is amazingly complex (Ps. 139:14), beyond any human’s understanding. It is possible that the Chinese, in their use of Chi, have simply discovered a different technology of healing which is NOT spiritual, but rather based in the human physiology of the nervous system, not well understood in western medicine until just the last decade. This would be because the Chinese (as good Vitalists) simply OBSERVED the effects of basic herbal combinations and acupuncture over the centuries and put together systems of healing based on those observations.

We must remember that doctors have never had “all the answers.” Things that were medical dogma a generation ago are now passé. In the days of George Washington, medical doctors were still “bleeding” people (See note 13) and putting mercury (See note 14) (a HIGHLY toxic metal) on them or in them to cure disease. In fact, this is how our first president died—from being “bled” by his doctor and given mercury. Washington was essentially murdered by the doctors of his day.

A generation ago, doctors denied that diet had anything to do with cancer. Now some of them understand about anti-oxidants and elements like beta-carotene. The Chinese may have discovered some things in medicine (like Chi and acupuncture) that we missed.

From the other side of the spectrum, we have the astonishing (and bewildering) discoveries of modern quantum physics. Quantum physics has written an ironic obituary to the Atomists’ way of thinking. As we entered the “atomic age,” in the post-war period, we were taught in school that atoms (no longer the tiniest elements known to science) consisted of protons, neutrons and electrons and that nothing was smaller than this.

A decade later we started hearing about sub-atomic particles like mesons, bosons, and leptons. Such exotic varieties of sub-atomic particles as neutrinos and “charm quarks” were revealed. Quantum science began to discover that the thinner you sliced the universe, the more mystifying it became.

Without wishing to get into a full-blown discussion of quantum physics, let it just be said that the bottom line is that the universe is a lot more complex than anyone realized. The central “idol” of the Atomist belief system, the atom, was long ago revealed to have constituent parts. Now, even those parts have been found to have parts. Those parts, in turn, really are not anything at all physical in the sense of matter as we think of it.

Strangest of all, physicists are now telling us that if you really break down the “solidity” of the chair in which I am sitting, it is really nothing but energy – because ultimately all these sub-atomic particles of which the chair consists are simply energy. Of course, this is not a surprise to the Holy Spirit. That is why the author of Hebrews was inspired to write:

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.— Hebr. 11 :3

These incredibly tiny doses of homeopathic remedies may well an early forerunner of a kind of “quantum medicine.” Though they are sub-molecular in nature, perhaps they are all the more powerful for being able to act at the quantum level. Remember, it just takes an infinitesimally small amount of plutonium to create a hydrogen bomb blast that would level a city. Perhaps the same kind of sub- molecular dynamic is at work in homeopathy.

Realize, if you would have taken a typical scientist (Christian or not) a hundred years ago and told him that by smashing two tiny pieces of rock together you could create a nuclear fission explosion that would level an entire city and make it uninhabitable for months or years afterwards, that scientist would say that such ideas were either insane or witchcraft. Yet such is the way that a nuclear bomb works. A Dr. William A. Tiller, a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford has observed, (See note 15)

Our future medicine will proceed toward the development of techniques and treatments that use successively finer and finer energies…in my modeling, homeopathic remedies treat at the etheric level of substance [“etheric” meaning not directly observable via physical senses or instruments.] Since this method of treatment is already in use and easy to practice, I expect it to flourish in the future while allopathic medicine declines.

While not speaking specifically of homeopathy, famous astronomer, atheist, science fiction writer (and inventor of the telecommunications satellite) Arthur C. Clarke has written, “Any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.” Just imagine what your great-grandfather would have thought of computers, moon landings, TV, or even an iPhone! I had Amish relatives (long deceased) who assured me, when I was little, that airplanes were a creation of the devil. We must be careful not to be too arrogant and speak dogmatically where the Bible is silent and all the scientific evidence is not in.

Examining Homeopathy in the Light of Guideline #3

Here is where I really fell short of the mark in my original efforts. Depending on the opinions of my AMA doctor friends, I took their word that there was, indeed, no scientific evidence of repeatability in homeopathy. In fact, we later found that the exact opposite was true.

In reality, the entire basis for homeopathy is based on empirical data – what homeopaths call the “Law of Proving.” The homeopathic concept of “like cures like” emerged through testing. Originally, Dr. Hahnemann (1755-1843) was intrigued by why the drug quinine cured malaria. At the time, medicine had all sorts of theories, but no proof.

It occurred to Hahnemann as a hypothesis that perhaps quinine cured malaria because it produced the same effects as malaria in a healthy person. He tested this on himself. Since he did not have malaria, he took quinine to see what effect it would have on him. Amazingly, it produced all the symptoms of malaria in his body. Now, Hahnemann was enough of a scientist to realize that one experiment does not prove an hypothesis – especially when the “test subject” is the scientist who wants to prove the hypothesis to be valid. He understood the placebo effect.

Thus, Hahnemann went out and found many friends and students and began testing in earnest. This was the genesis of the “Law of Proving.” For more than 150 years, all homeopathic remedies have come through this proving process. In double blind, scientific studies (the same way pharmaceutical drugs are tested), a possible remedy is given to large numbers of healthy people. If it produced the symptoms regularly and repeatedly, it was added to the homeopathic MATERIA MEDICA.

In all my research, it was claimed that homeopathic remedies work as well (if not better) and as consistently as any pharmaceutical compound in the area of pathologies where they have been “proven.” But I was still not convinced. I knew the power of the human mind, and the placebo effect. (See note 16) Perhaps it was just working because all these people believed it would work. I kept researching and praying for the Lord to guide me.

A Divine Appointment?

On a trip to Milwaukee not a few weeks later, I encountered a very interesting couple. They were a bit older than I and had been Bible-believing missionaries for many years. He was also a doctor of veterinary medicine. They were back in the states after an extended missionary tour in South America. When he gave me his card, my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. This brother was a “holistic” veterinarian who used homeopathy on animals!

The couple was kind enough to have lunch with us and I plied him with questions. He reported to me that in his years of practice, homeopathy had worked in hundreds of animal cases – in the same way as it worked on humans. He also said that in his opinion, it was a perfectly sound medical practice and had nothing to do with the occult.

Of course, animals are a good test against the placebo effect, because they cannot “believe” in the remedy they are being given. This vet told me that all animals from horses down to dogs, cats and even birds were helped immensely by homeopathic remedies. Additionally, unlike pharmaceutical drugs (both for humans and animals), homeopathic compounds have no side effects and cannot usually be overdosed (at least in any kind of harmful way).

To refute the claim that there is too small an amount of plant material in the homeopathic remedies to affect anyone, he told me about a friend who had a toddler. The little tyke managed to get his hands on a bottle of homeopathic tincture based primarily on a Mother Tincture of poison ivy.

The child unknowingly chugged down the entire bottle. Even though there were no serious consequences for the child taking dozens of times the recommended dosage, an interesting thing happened. He broke out in a classic poison ivy rash! And he was too young to even be able to read the label and know what, in fact, he was swallowing.

This missionary vet laughed at the idea of “demons in a bottle” and suggested I test these things out myself. I prayed about it, and decided to give it a try.

I acquired some homeopathic remedies for a couple of minor complaints suffered in our family. The first thing I did was pray over them just as we pray over everything we bring into our house – binding any demon spirits in the name of Yahushua and covering them in the blood of the Lamb.

Then, the next time I needed some remedy, instead of herbs, I tried the homeopathic stuff. It worked, and it worked well, and it worked continually. I do not think it could have been demonic because I prayed and asked the Almighty to remove any demons. I am not even certain that demons could be bottled (?). Let’s not give the devil too much credit.

Examining Homeopathy in the Light of Guideline #4

In my personal case, and in the personal cases of a couple of other Christians with whom we have fellowshipped, it seemed as though homeopathy passed the test of Guideline #3 with flying colors. It was repeatable, and as dependable and scientific as any pharmaceutical drug; with the added benefit of no side effects. But what about Guideline #4? Here we do run into a little trouble. Hahnemann, the man who developed Homeopathy, was also a Freemason and gave clear evidence of totally rejecting Yahushua. In fact, his official biographer writes: (See note 17)

[Hahnemann] …took offense at the arch-enthusiast Jesus of Nazareth, the man of sorrows who took the darkness of the world upon himself was an offense to the lover of etheric wisdom.

Now, this “etheric wisdom” is a reference to esoteric or occult wisdom. It is NOT the wisdom of the Bible. That should be evident by the fact that Hahnemann, as its devotee, rejected Jesus. No one who rejects Yah’shua can have true wisdom (Ps. 111:10, Prov. 1:7, Prov. 9:10. Prov. 15:33). This wisdom is rather the wisdom of which James writes: (3:15) “This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.” The Wisdom mentioned in Proverbs 8 is actually a personification of the preexistent Yah’shua; and this malediction ends the chapter, talking about “Wisdom” as Yah’shua:

For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the LORD. But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.—Prov. 8:35-36

Further, Paul tells us that in Yahushua “…are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”—Col. 2:3. Thus, we might be suspicious of any spiritual healing system that comes from a man who seeks “etheric wisdom” and yet rejects the source of all wisdom. Additionally, THE ORGANON OF THE RATIONAL ART OF HEALING, Hahnemann’s book, the “bible” of Homeopathy, has the symbols of Freemasonry on the front is peace!

Now, all this would make us flee from homeopathy like the plague IF it were a spiritual healing system. However, it does not appear to be spiritual. If it was, it would have been stopped by praying against evil spirits in Yahushua’s name. At this point, we do not believe that there is much evidence that it is any- thing more than a fairly sophisticated method of alternative healing. However, what about Hahnemann’s religious weirdness?

Well, obviously it is unfortunate that the founder of Homeopathy was an unsaved dolt who rejected the Messiah. However, do we know what faith the doctor who invented brain surgery was? How about the doctor who invented chemotherapy?

There are certainly Christian MD’s and Christian homeopaths, just as there are pagan or New Age MD’s (like the famous Deepak Chopra, who is a board-certified endocrinologist) and New Age homeopaths. However, if the system of medicine works, does it really matter what faith the doctor is? When I had my kidney stone crisis back in 1992, I didn’t check to see if my urologist was Born Again. I just wanted to know if he knew his stuff!

As far as the Masonic symbol on the book, well, then you had better stay away from all hospitals and ambulances. The famous symbol of both medicine and Emergency Medical Techs is the pagan Caduceus (see illustration below), which is the staff of the god Hermes! It is just as pagan as the Masons. There are thousands of AMA doctors who are Freemasons, but it doesn’t keep them from doing well at removing tumors or fixing broken legs. (I personally would rather not have a Freemason operate on me, because they don’t like me very much since I wrote MASONRY BEYOND THE LIGHT!!)

To be certain, if I had my choice, I would rather see a Christian physician -but in these days of managed care and HMO’s, you don’t get much of a choice. If I were to go to a homeopathic MD, at least I could choose if the person was a Christian or not and make that choice freely.


This is by no means a closed issue. After a lot of research and prayer, I have decided to come out with my conclusions on this issue. They are based on the best information that we have at this time. It seems to us that homeopathy is based on a subtle form of what is now called “energy medicine” that works at the sub-


molecular level of the human body. Its validity seems to be increasingly supported by discoveries both in medicine and in physics. It is interesting that a handful of homeopathic remedies have survived into modern AMA medicine. Did you know that the tiny nitroglycerine tablets that cardiac patients take were originally homeopathic remedies? In fact, currently, more than 50 % of U.S. medical schools now offer courses in alternative medicines like homeopathy. (See note 18)

To the best of my satisfaction, it is scientific and repeatable. It is faster and more effective than many herbs and over the counter medications that members of my family take; and this is after it has been prayed over and received with thanksgiving in the name of the Savior Yahushua. (1Tim. 4:4)

Of course, Hahnemann’s occult roots are problematic; but as long as the action of the remedies is based on a non-spiritual foundation, I would not necessarily let that stop me from using the remedies. That would be as illogical as refusing to grow hybrid corn because hybridizing plants was discovered by a monk or refusing to believe in modern astronomy because Galileo was Catholic. (See note 19)

Still, this is what have determined. You may decide something different. If nothing else, this has taught us humility. I certainly apologize if either of these Straight Talks have caused you any distress or inconvenience. We do take our obligation as teachers within the Body of Messiah very seriously. We did not write this revision until an awful lot of prayer, fasting and research.

However, in an area like this where there is no clear Bible teaching, it is up to each individual Believer to pray and seek the Holy Spirit about what they should do. There are definite advantages to homeopathic remedies over other over-the-counter remedies. They seem to be completely safe and non-toxic and have no side effects. Additionally, they appear to be remarkably effective. However, perhaps your spiritual concerns may outweigh those advantages.

It does need to be mentioned that especially in this day and age, you need to be very careful about all these “miracle” prescription drugs like Clearatin TM, Prozac TM or Viagra TM. These things are expensive and have numerous side effects; and in many cases they are dangerous. In my humble (I am not a doctor) opinion, many of them are much more dangerous by far than homeopathy or herbal remedies.

Many drugs work either by masking symptoms or else by interdicting some natural bodily process that your heaven-given physiology is trying to use to correct an imbalance. With all of these things, endeavor to be an informed consumer and don’t just trust everything someone tells you (including me or a doctor!). Check these things out for yourself and take responsibility for your own health.

It is not the doctor’s body; it is yours (and ultimately) Yahushua’s. Before you try anything, pray for Him to heal you! Too many Believers are quick to reach for the aspirin when they should be reaching for the throne of grace. Yahuwah still heals sovereignly and miraculously, and I am living proof of that! Praise His wonderful name.

The Most Important Consideration!

We cannot finish this brief paper without raising this issue. If you are reading this, and you aren’t certain if you are truly saved by Yahushua—through faith alone, without any works being involved (Ephesians 2:8-9)—then you need to receive Yahushua as your savior and sovereign Master.

Contrary to beliefs of New Age and occult teachers, only the real Yahushua can save you (John 14:6)! You need to be Born Again (John 3:3-5). It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, if you die and spend eternity in hell without Messiah. According to the Bible—the Word of Yahuwah, this is what you must do to be Born Again and go to heaven when you die:

1.) Admit that you are a sinner, and that you know only the Lord Yahushua can save you. (see Romans 3:23)

2.) Repent (rethink your life) and willing to turn away from your sins and submit to Yahuwah (see Luke 13:5)

3.) Believe that Yahushua is Yahuwah Almighty and that He died on the cross and shed His blood to pay for your sins; and that He arose again to give you eternal life (see 1Timothy 3:16, Romans 10:9-10, Acts 20:28)

4.) As Yahuwah to save you from your sins (Romans 10:13)

5.) Ask Yahushua of Nazareth to be the sovereign Master of your life and take control of it (Romans 12:1-2)


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3.) Actually, I am told doctors no longer take the Hippocratic Oath, although they used to right up to the last decade or so. Part of the reason, I would think, is that it would be highly “hypocritical” (pardon the pun!) to take an oath which says, “I will do no harm” and then allow MD’s to do abortions.

4.) In a moment of candor, a cardiac surgeon told me that angioplasty is never a permanent solution, and that usually coronary bypass needs to be done a year or two down the road. This is what happened with my own father’s angioplasty.

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14.) In a really strange case of historical irony, doctors who used mercury came to be called “quicks” or “quacks” because the old-fashioned name for mercury was QUICKsilver. Today, the AMA descendants of the “quack” doctors who poisoned people with mercury call herbalists and other alternative medical practitioners quacks.

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