Alternative and Integrative Treatments

Notes from the Teaching DVD CANCER WARS

By Dr. William Schnoebelen N.D. ©2014

After months of intense prayer, research and study, With One Accord Ministries’ DVD, CANCER WARS, was released in July 2014. Within days we received hundreds of calls, email and letters asking for details (from Bill’s notes) expressed in the video. We knew the Holy Spirit wanted us to make these extensive notes available, and after praying, decided to put the therapies portion of the teaching (on alternative and integrative treatments) into a booklet that could be downloaded and printed. These special notes are also being made into a small bound booklet, which can be ordered through our website for a small donation to cover costs ( We pray this blesses you and your family! We want EVERYONE to understand the many non-invasive, non-toxic treatments available for cancer patients that WORK TO RESTORE HEALTH and VIGOR!

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With One Accord Ministries Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

CANCER WARS! Alternative and Integrative Treatments

By William Schnoebelen ©2014

There isn another form of widely regarded cancer therapy BEYOND the three officially accepted modalities of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Though illegal in the US, it is highly effective. It is called nutritional therapy.

a. Nutritionaltherapyregardscancerasadiseaserelatedpartiallytolackofgood nutrition and too many toxins.

i.  Not enough green, plant-basedfoods
ii. Too much junk foods, processed foods, meat and dairy
iii. GMO foods cause tumors
iv. Flavor enhancers like MSG and aspartame
v. Pollution in food, water and air – lack of decent air to even breathe!

  1. Most city water is contaminated with deuterium oxide – heavy water. Deuterium oxide cannot be filtered out except by centrifuge.
  2. Use spring water if you possibly can!

vi. Realize that when folks get radiation therapy for cancer, they get filled with heavy water (deuterium) and this is then passed into the water supply.

vii. Your city does not have the technology for removing this heavy water and so the levels of deuterium keep rising in your drinking water.

b. Nutritional therapy (briefly) involves the use of large (sometimes IV doses) of i. VitaminC

ii. Laetrile (B-17)
iii.Vitamin D3
iv.Selenium (only microgram doses)

v. Indole 3 Carbinol (I-C-3: nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables) – this works similarly to the cancer drug Tamoxifen for breast cancer in that it helps deal with excess estrogen.

vi. Many male and female cancers are caused by estrogen imbalances and estrogen dominance.

1. I-C-3 stops the build-up of bad estrogen

With One Accord Ministries Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

c. Warning! Side Effects of this Change in Lifestyle:

i. Lowered blood pressure 

ii. Feeling better 

iii.Stronger immune system iv.Increased appetite

v. More energy

vi. Will probably reduce pain

vii. Destroys cancer cells while feeding healthy cells



The History of science has always been a history of struggle against entrenched error. – G. Edward Griffin

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
– Hosea 4:6

  1. First of all, we must understand that cancer and its treatment – like all diseases – has a spiritual component. We will explore that at the end of this talk.
  2. Most alternative and cutting edge doctors believe cancer is primarily a combination of nutritional deficiencies, stress, aging and exposure to toxic environmental agents. We will now look at these in detail:The human bodys immune system is really amazing
  3. and complex; it fights off thousands of invaders to our systemsevery day.
    a. Therearethingswecandotohelptheimmunesystemandthingswecandothathamper it.
    b. The Vitalist approach
    c. Ourimmunesystemisstressedandhurtby:i. ToxinsinourfoodslikeMSGandaspartame,whichareactually neurotoxins1. Non-organic foods are full of pesticides, GMO products, and hormones – all of which mess up our immune system.


1. Unfortunately, a MAJOR toxin for many of us is sugar – followed close behind by wheat and gluten.

2. The huge CHINA STUDY established scientifically that a diet with fewer animal products and more fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer.

ii. Toxins in our drinking water, like fluoride – which is a known carcinogen. iii.Toxins in our air, including radioactive materials!
iv.Radioactive materials coming from Fukoshima in water or food
v. Too little sleep

vi.enhance your likelihood of a long and happy Too much stress d. Conversely, our immune system is enhanced by:

i. Lotsoforganicgreen,leafyvegetablesandamostlyplant-baseddiet ii. Consuming super herbs and super foods (more on this later)
iii.Lots of purified water (either spring water or RO)
iv.Deep breathing of fresh air

v. Enough good quality sleep and healthy exercise.
e. Irealizethatyouhaveheardmostofthisbefore,inonewayoranother.

But we are going to take this to entirely new levels of ways you can:

  1. Make conscious choices in your life to greatly reduce your likelihood of getting cancer.
  2. If you happen to be afflicted with cancer, I will be sharing ways in which you can live.

Well-known but powerful ways to prevent cancer:

  1. Vitamin E – most people do not get enough E from their foods anymore, due to bad soil, etc. It is excellent for the body in general, the heart and the immunesystem. If it were I, I would take at least 800 IU a day.
  2. Vitamin C – the best-known anti-cancer vitamin, thanks to Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Linus Pauling. A good preventative dose would be 3-5 grams a day. Many cutting edge doctors will give cancer patients 10 grams IV with excellent results, but we are not allowed recommend that ☹. Best natural sources are CamuCamu, RoseHips and Acerolacherries, but honestly – taking supplements is easier.
  3. Intravenous doses of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) have been found to produce from 25 to 70 times as much plasma (blood) concentration of the substance than what can be attained by oral dosing. Research has confirmed that Vitamin C in such high concentrations kills cancer cells while leaving normal tissue unharmed.
  1. Vitamin C kills cancer cells because one of the byproducts of Vitamin C, when it’s broken down, is hydrogen peroxide, and tumors don’t tolerate hydrogen peroxide well. It can be tricky to have hydrogen peroxide in the veins, because it can cause phlebitis (or swelling of the veins), but Vitamin C doesn’t convert into hydrogen peroxide until it goes from the bloodstream into the fluid that surrounds cancer cells. There, it harms the cancer cells without harming the body.
  2. This is the principal beneficial action of Vitamin C against cancer, as established by a landmark study by the National Institutes of Health. So Vitamin C’sprimary cytotoxic (or cancer-killing) effects have to do with its ability to leave hydrogen peroxide within the vicinity of cancer cells. This is one mechanism that we know for certain works well.
  3. Also, Vitamin C helps the body to create stronger tissue with greater tensile strength, so that new metastases can’t get a foothold. This is one of its secondary roles in treating cancer.

VI. High dose Vitamin C and K-3 IVs, and detoxification therapy using phenyl- butyrate. Vitamin C appears to a cancer cell as a sugar molecule and is quickly taken up by the cancer. Once the Vitamin C connects with an iron molecule in the cell, peroxide is released, which injures the cells internally. Cancer cells have a difficult time repairing from such damage. Vitamin K-3 augments the effects of Vitamin C and helps to inhibit cancer growth.

VII. Biological Terrain

  1. This is the concept that the body has an internal “ecosystem” which needs to be preserved for optimal health. This is the biological terrain (BT).
  2. The body’s BT needs to maintain a delicate balance between alkaline and acid. This is known as pH.
  3. If your body is more alkaline (higher pH), it tends to be more resistant to disease, inflammation and infections – including cancer.
  4. Generally, alkaline forming foods are green leafy vegetables and some fruits.
  5. Acid forming foods (lower pH) are meat, dairy and many grains.

Alkalinizing Agents, Including Sodium Bicarbonate – Because solid tumors grow in a low pH (acidic) environment, alkalinizing the body is important. You can use alkalinizing agents to correct abnormal cell signal transduction. One of these substances is intravenous sodium bicarbonate, in sterile liquid form.

Essiac Tea – a blend of herbs created by a Canadian nurse, Rene M. Caisse. It is based on an Ojibwa Native American formula. The original formula included:

ü burdock root (Arctium lappa L.),
ü slippery elm inner bark (Ulmus fulva Michx.), ü sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella L.), and
ü Indian rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum L.).

Though laughed at by the cancer establishment, this tea has actually relieved the cancer symptoms of many thousands of people since its introduction in Canada in the 1920’s.

Vitamin A – part of the treatment protocol for its immune-stimulating effects and ability to help the immune system identify cancer. Vitamin A, with regard to cancer cells, has the ability to introduce differentiation. This means that Vitamin A forces cancer cells to mature into more benign, stable types of cells. It has also been shown to induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells, and to inhibit their proliferation.

Vitamin D – many folks who are developing cancer are low in Vitamin D3. Many alternative cancer doctors will prescribe 10-15,000 IU of this vitamin to cancer patients to get them back up to speed.

VIII. Enzymes – these are an essential part of both living.

i. The best source of enzymes is from raw vegetables and fruits and our mothers – especially if we are breast-fed as infants.

ii. We are born with HUGE amounts of enzymes, but as we mature and begin eating mostly cooked food, but begin to deplete our “bank reserves.”

iii. Enzymes do countless things but three of their more important tasks are: 1. Assisting in the digestion of food

2. Being a component of the immune system

3. Helping to clean out excess junk from our veins and arteries!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Hunzakuts in Pakistan

Native South Americans in the Lake Titicaca region of Peru/Bolivia

The Gabon in Africa

Abkhazians in the Caucasus mountain region

The SDA church in 20th century US (and elsewhere), mostly vegetarians or vegans.

v. All of
and veggies and very little or no meat!

these peoples eat diets of simple, whole foods, with lots of raw fruits vi.When we eat cooked food, it has no enzymes and thus the body has to borrow from its store of enzymes to do the vital digestive work.

  1. This means we have fewer and fewer enzymes to run the immunesystem and keep our arteries cleaned up.
  2. There are hundreds of types of enzymes that we know of, but many more still undiscovered. Of them, some are critical to good health and cancer prevention:
    1. Pancreatic enzymes – these are important, especially to help guard against pancreatic cancer, which is particularly lethal.
      1. You take – 150-300 capsules per day – you get reallylong-term pancreatic cancer survivors! Proven by Dr.Nicholas Gonzalez in New York!
      2. These are Animal derived enzymes:1. Trypsin2. Chymotrypsin
      3. For many of us, our bodies are bankrupt of theseenzymes!
    2. Lipase – aids in the digestion and metabolism of fats
    3. Protease – aids in protein digestion – mal-digested proteinsmay well lead to cancer.
    4. There are many other vital enzymes – supplemental enzymessuch as amylase and bromelain, these all help:
  3. Break up blood cell clumps and thin the blood; De-agglutinating the blood cells is critical for success

4. Two best things you can do to support your enzyme system are: 
a. Eat a LOT of raw fruits and veggies–try to make your diet 
b. 80-85% raw!
c. Take a good quality enzyme supplement:

i. When taken with meals they aid in digestion

ii. When taken between meals, they aid in cleaning up waste in the body

Minerals – these are another key component of health and cancer prevention. Lack of minerals from food caused by bad farming practices:

  1. You would have to eat at least 10 bowls of spinach to get the same nutrition as your grandparents did out of one bowl of spinach.
  2. ONLY organic farming gives us a broad range of natural minerals in our produce.
  3. But even then, gradually, over the decades, the great farming belt of the Midwest US has been losing its topsoil!
    1. Thousands of metric tons of topsoil from Iowa, Illinois, the Dakotas, Missouri, etc. end up in the delta of the Mississippi every year.
    2. Because of this, even the most careful farming produces depleted veggies and fruits.

ii. Thus, we need to supplement our diet with high quality minerals. Especially critical ones would be:

  1. Magnesium – critical to heart health, good sleep, and a strong body system, stress relief and immune system!
  2. Selenium – a critical anti-cancer mineral. Dr. Passwater says a major reason for the rise in cancer since the 1950’s is the lack of selenium in our grain – and of course in our soil.
  3. Silica – MUCH more important than the over-rated and over used calcium for bone health. You can get it from horsetail (the herb).
  4. Chromium – another mineral you get from grains, but cannot get enough any more; helps regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetes.
  5. There are other ones as well, too many to go into, such as: a. Zincb. Copper
    c. Boron
    d. And some sixty other trace minerals

With One Accord Ministries Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

c. Chlorella and Spirulina – these are micro-algae superfoods that have important contributions to make to preventing cancer.

i. TheAztecsusedSpirulinaforcenturiesasamajorsourceofproteindown in Mexico, especially mixed with raw cacao.

ii. Both forms of algae come in small tablets that can be taken orally OR as powders that can be mixed into shakes.

1. With chlorella, be sure to get broken cell chlorella as it is totally easy to absorb for the body.

iii.Both these tiny plants are high in highly absorbable protein, B vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll – which is an excellent blood purifier.

iv.Great sources of protein and energy and essential fatty acids.

v. Chlorella especially is good are absorbing radioactive elements in your body and keeping them from harming you.

  1. Chlorella is high in absorbable magnesium which is able to block cesium from entering cell receptor sites.
  2. A radioactive form of cesium is the most common form of radioactive pollutant coming from nuclear disasters like Fukoshima
  3. Additionally, taking lots of chlorella (at least six grams a day and then go up from there) can really help during radiation therapy to help protect from the effects of massive radiation.

d. Probiotics – another critical line of defense and health. These are good bacteria that flourish in our GI tract and help with digestion and elimination of food as well as production of vitamin B12.

i. Wehavebillions–probablytrillionsofthesetinysoldiersinourbodies. They are a MAJOR component in good health and immune system support. ii. We need to realize that a large percentage of our gut mass – several pounds

– is actually intestinal bacteria that we NEED to digest food and thrive! iii.We actually have more DNA in our body from good bacteria than we do of

our own DNA!
BUT these helpful bacteria are destroyed by:

1. Antibiotics

2. Birth control pills

v. Thus, again, we need to supplement in some form! Fortunately, there are various ethnic foods that are fermented and thus VERY rich in probiotics. These are the best way to get probiotics:

1. Yogurt – REAL plain yohurt, not popular brands/sugary stuff

  1. Kefir – these two hail from Eastern Europe in the area of the Caucasus Mountains and MAY be part of the reason why folks there live so long!
  2. Kombucha – a fermented mushroom beverage from Manchuria originally, which has been found to be useful in treating cancer in Russia and China.
  3. Fermented vegetables – genuine sauerkraut, Kim Chee and similar sorts of things – very powerful source of probiotics.
  4. Below are some cultured vegetables made by my lovely wife, Mary.

vi.Many find it helpful to also take probiotics in capsules, but shop around for the best brand.

vii.If you ever have to go on antibiotics or birth control pills, be sure and lay

on heavy doses of probiotics.

A Special Class of Vegetables – the Cruciferous. i. Theseinclude:

1. Broccoli
2. Cabbage
3. Cauliflower
4. Brussels Sprouts

ii. Healthful cancer-preventers for many reasons, especially because they are rich in nutrients:

  1. Folate
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Indole-3-carbinol

4. 5.

iii.These nutritional elements are extremely powerful cancer prevention foods.

iv. Additionally, the sprouts made from broccoli seeds are extremely high in these sulphur compounds, especially sulforaphane! You can get a great benefit from eating a relatively small amount of broccoli sprouts as compared to the mature plant.page10image1631467408



The BAD Stuff – before we get into the more powerful and exotic anti-cancer treatments and superfoods, we need to talk about those things that are good to avoid if you wish to fight off cancer.

  1. White Sugar – this is surprisingly one of the most dangerous things to consume – cancer LOVES sugar. The more you eat, the more your cancer will grow. Conversely, cut way back on your sugar intake and you will begin to starve the cancer. This precaution also includes many other sweeteners including:
    1. HFCS–(highfructosecornsyrup)evenmoredangerousthansugarand present in thousands of processed foods.
    2. Cancer cells have twenty times more glucose (sugar) receptors on the surface of their membranes than normal cells, which means that they proliferate massively when fed sugar.iii.Ideally, cancer patients should follow a diet similar to that of diabetics, and avoid all sugars.iv.If you want to avoid cancer, you really need to tame your sweet tooth! Use stevia instead!v. Aspartame (NutraSweet) is NOT a safe substitute for sugar. It is an excito- toxin – a kind of nerve agent that is not good for the (sucralose) – this is made of chlorinated hydrocarbon that is TOXIC – this was originally made as a pesticide.
  2. Toxic chemicals in our environment – the list just keeps growing, but here are a few big ones to avoid:

i. GMO foods – genetically modified “Franken-foods,” these have already been shown to cause HUGE tumors in mice.

ii. Fluoride – remember, if you put it in your mouth, however briefly, it is absorbed into your nervous system.

  1. Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the aluminum manufacturing industry and there is no real evidence that it can help your teeth.
  2. Avoid fluoride toothpaste and water with fluoride in it. If necessary, use a good water purifier in your home.

iii. Mercury, from amalgam fillings. If you have them, find a reputable dentist and get them replaced. It will be costly, but it may save your life or at least the quality of your life. Also, remember lots of ocean fish are high in mercury, especially the larger fish.

iv. PBAs and similar chemicals that are in plastics, especially bottled beverages. Try not to drink that much bottled water – or if you do, then buy it in PBA free bottles. Use reusable stainless steel or glass containers and carry your own – home-purified water with you as you travel or exercise.

v. Lotsofbadchemicalsinshampoos,conditioners,soaps,etc.Remember, everything you put on your body or in your hair is taken into your body! If you can’t pronounce it, do NOT use it internally or externally. Read labels before you buy – even a lot of personal care products sold in “health food” stores have bad chemicals in them.

vi. Chlorine – present in almost all city water systems. If you cannot get spring water from a local source, try and use good water filtration systems in your home:

  1. Get a filter for your drinking water.
  2. Filter your showerhead as well, unless you have an in-home water filter system.

vii. Chemicals out-gassing from carpeting, furniture, your new car and even clothing! More and more people are becoming chemically sensitive to these sorts of environmental hazards and there ARE indications that many of these chemicals can cause cancer!

  1. Realize that chemically sensitive people are “canaries in the coal mine!
  2. They are not just crazy or malingerers. They are warning us about high levels of toxic junk!

Avoid EXCESS protein – most Americans, with their meat-rich diet, eat far too much protein.

i. Toomuchproteintaxestheliver,whichisthebody’smajorwayofdetoxing itself.

ii. Go easy on the protein and get as much as possible from non-animal sources – it is easier to digest and absorb.

1. Chia seeds
2. Spirulina
3. Chlorella
4. Soy (iffy for many because of phytoestrogens)

iii.Remember, studies show a human GI tract (which is NOT like a carnivore’s GI tract) can only absorb 50% of the animal protein it consumes. It can absorb something like 90-95% of the vegetable protein it consumes.

Avoid non-organic meat, chicken, eggs and dairy:

  1. FULLofhormonesandantibiotics.Thesethingscanreallyweardownyourimmune system.
  2. Many of these animals are so unhealthy from large feedlot conditions that their bodies are full of tumors. These tumors are often ground up into sausage and hamburger and are then virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

iii. Additionally, being grain fed has fattened these foods and the abnormal amount of “marbling” of fat in them gives a high rate of cancer-causing chemicals.

iv. Plus, of course, they are probably being fed GMO grain.
This brings us to the next stunning major obstacle to a long, healthy life – Wheat and Gluten!

i. RealizethatthewheatyougettodayinthesupermarketisNOTyour grandma’s wheat!

iii.The problem is, modern wheat cannot be digested well by many of people: 1. Gluten sensitivity

2. Celiac disease

iv. Because of this, it clogs up your GI tract and causes massive inflammation and leaky gut syndrome.
Inflammation is a MAJOR contributory factor to cancer.

v. For much more information on this, see the book WHEAT BELLY by Dr. William Davis.

vi.For many individuals, grains in general should be avoided. This does NOT include non-grains like:

1. Quinoa
2. Amaranth 3. Buckwheat

So, what CAN you eat?
i. Werecommendsomesortof“PaleoDiet”AKACavemanDiet.

  1. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and organic grass fed beef.
  2. We personally suggest keeping meat to a minimum.
  3. NO PORK per the Bible.
  4. No gluten or grains
  5. I am personally a vegetarian because of family history of heart disease and cancer.






With One Accord Ministries 14 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

g. You might want to get the ALCAT test, which can be ordered by a doctor. It will determine ALL food and spice sensitivities that you might have from a blood test.

SUPERFOODS and extraordinary ways of attacking Cancer.

  1. Mushroom extracts work amazingly well for this purpose:i. Shitake,
    ii. Maitake, iii.Coriolus versicolor, iv.Agaricus blazei,
    v. Turkey Tail and vi.Reishi, andvii.Chaga to name a few. In China, mushrooms are always part of patients’ cancer regimens.viii.Enoki mushroom for massive immune response! ix.Talk about Chaga in particular1. Effective in many studies in Europe and Russia – just as good as chemo!2. Works really good with powerful anti-oxidants like goji berries and raw cacao!x. Medicinal mushrooms amp up the immune system with beta-glucans. xi.This causes the body’s defenses to become more efficient and gives lesslikelihood for cancer cells to spread.
  2. Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) is a powerful immune, anti-oxidant and anti- aging enzyme in the body that (like many things) declines with age. Boosting your body’s supply of SOD will definitely help you fight off cancer. Currently, the most bio-available form of SOD can be found in Marine Phyto-plankton.
  3. Aloe extracts are great, too. Scientific research shows that aloe vera polysaccharides have strong immunomodulatory and anti-tumor properties.


  1. Oleander soup – excellent preventative measure and also adjunct helper for your immune system in dealing with cancer challenges.
  2. Onion flavonoid extract – stops colon cancer as well as most chemotherapy – with little or no side effects!
  3. Melatonin has been shown to have anti-cancer properties. It also appears to be statistically safer, more effective, and much less expensive than chemotherapy drugs for treating certain types of cancer.i. For instance, a drug called erlotinib (Tarceva®) is commonly used to treat lung, and sometimes, pancreatic cancers.ii. But melatonin has proven to have greater beneficial effects upon these cancers than erlotinib!
  4. Low-dose naltrexone is another powerful anti-cancer drug. When given in a full 50 mg dose, it suppresses endorphin activity, but when given in small doses, it has the opposite effect. It has been used to treat a variety of cancers with favorable clinical results.

Bio-Oxidative Therapies

a. Oxygen is toxic to cancer cells.

b. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1931 for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in environments with high levels of oxygen!

c. Dr.Warburgsaid,Depriveacellof35%ofitsoxygenanditwillbecome cancerous.

d. He further stated that the prime cause of cancer is insufficient oxygen on a cellular level!

i. Viruses are anaerobic (do NOT like oxygen) ii. Cancers are anaerobic

iii. Anaerobic cells use sugar for energy! The cancer cell is cloaked. Because of this, it is invisible to the body’s defense system.

iv. Actually, only 15% of the oxygen we inhale gets into our bloodstream though.page15image1711958320

e. Thus,oxygentherapyisextremelybeneficialtogeneralhealthandespeciallyto cancer patients.

i. Sincethe1950’shyperbaricoxygenhasbeensuccessfullyusedtotreat:

1. Lou Gehrig’s disease, 2. Diabetes
3. Cerebral palsy

5. Alzheimer’s

6. Autism
ii. Remember, oxygen comprises 62-71% of the body.

iii.90% of our bio-energy comes from oxygen, including the energy to fight disease!

  1. One simple way to increase your oxygen is to get moving – exercise!
  2. A highly oxygenated body is not only immune to disease, but it isrendered capable of destroying conditions already IN the body!

f. Ozone – can be combined with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)

i. Oxygen is O2 and ozone is O3. So ozone has an extra oxygen atom.

ii. Medical ozone is always a mixture of pure oxygen and pure ozone, with the percentage of oxygen always being higher.

1. 2.

The ratio is generally 99.5 % oxygen to only 0.5 % ozone, depending upon its intended use.

Since ozone molecules are unstable, they react immediately with the components in the blood to which they are added, so that pure oxygen is formed, along with other compounds.

other harmful substances, including inflammatory mediators that result from cancer, from the body.

Ozone is beneficial for cancer patients because it removes toxins and

g. Ultraviolet blood treatment involves extracting the patient’s blood into a chamber and irradiating it with ultraviolet light so that the bacteria and viruses within it get altered or destroyed.

The blood is then put back into the patient’s body, and as a result, a vaccination-like effect is created in the body against these organisms.

The freshly irradiated blood also provokes an immune system reaction that destroys most or all of the other pathological bacteria and viruses in the body.

  1. This highly effective treatment was begun in the 1920’s with good results, but then was shelved with the advent of “wonder drugs” (antibiotics).
  2. The treatment functions by stimulating the red blood cells to emit a kind of light called biophotons. Biophotons destroy viruses, bacteria, and (in autoimmune diseases) activated white blood cells
  1. Thousands, perhaps millions of patients have been successfully treated with UBI in Russia, the Ukraine, in China and – a to a limited degree – the USA.
  2. UBI has been successfully used to treat viral and bacterial pneumonia, botulism, non-healing wounds, herpes, encephalitis, peritonitis, asthma, hepatitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other infectious, inflammatory, and autoimmune disorders, along with cancer.
  3. So far, the FDA has approved the principle – at least in theory – that ultraviolet treatment of the blood can convey therapeutic benefit to patients.

XII. Gerson therapy!!

  1. Highly successful, been around since the 1930– but currently their clinic has to be in Mexico because of government persecution. This has a very high cure rate with difficult cancer cases.
  2. Essentially consists of:
    1. Low-fat vegan (no animal products) diet
    2. Lots of fresh vegetable juicing
    3. Organic coffee enemas – opens up ducts in the liver to facilitatedetoxification
    4. Special supplementation

XIII. Intervenous pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide.


a. Someclinicsmaygiveupto75grams(or75,000mg)ofVitaminCinanIV,over the course of two hours, along with the bio-oxidative therapies.

Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD, PhD, in Houston, TX; is an internationally recognized physician and biochemist-researcher who has pioneered the development and use of biologically active peptides for diagnosing, preventing, and treating cancer since 1967.

  1. Roughlyhehasan80%survivalrateforhispatients!
  2. He discovered that we have TWO immune systems. Vitamin D-3 (which is ahormone) helps turn on genes to fight cancer!
  3. Burzynskifoundpeoplewithcancerhaveseverelycompromisedpeptides.
  4. He named these peptides “antineoplastons” due to their activity in correcting and normalizing neoplastic or cancerous cells.
  5. Peptidesareavailableaminoacidchains–theseareonlyavailableinsuperfoods:i. Mace,ii. Blue green algaeiii.Bee pollen, royal jelly (last two are probably the best source of peptides to switch off cancer!)

Dr. James Sheridan (b. 1912) in Pennsylvania – developed in 1936 a product that makes cancer cells even more primitive and interferes with their ability to proliferate! He researched for 70 years – Protocel!

  1. Ittakescancercellsthatareintheprimitivezoneandmakesthemmoreprimitive!
  2. Protocel destroys their respiration so that your immune system can take care of them!
  3. Thisis100%NON-TOXIC!NoLD-50(lethaldose50).
  4. Protocel also can push viruses, etc. into a more primitive level. It is – as a sideeffect – the most powerful antioxidant in the world.
  5. Protocelisveryadjunctivetootherthingslikemedicinalmushroomssuchas Chaga and Reishi



With One Accord Ministries 19 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

Laetrile – a cytotoxic substance made from apricot pits that have been shown to be highly effective against cancer cells.

  1. TheFDAandthegovernmentwentafterLaetrileallegedlybecameitcontains small amounts of cyanide.
  2. The fact is, though, many products contain cyanide, including some foods and medicines.i. It’smostprevalentinatypeofVitaminB-12calledcyanocobalamin.The “cyano” part of this word refers to cyanide, but because the cyanide is bound up chemically in the vitamin, it’s really harmless.

ii. The same thing is true of laetrile; there’s a cyanide molecule that’s bound up within the substance, but it’s totally safe. By Yahuwah’s grace, there’s an

enzyme that’s found only inside of cancer cells, which cleaves off the cyanide molecule in laetrile.

iii.Because free cyanide is deadly poison, this means that laetrile only releases deadly poison inside of cancer cells.

Mistletoe – Ukrain, or mistletoe, is a remedy very useful for treating cancer. The trade name is Iscador. It’s a recognized form of natural chemotherapy that can keep

people alive for years. When mixed with Chelidonium majus (giant celandine), it’s especially powerful, because Chelidonium is one of the most potent anti-cancer herbs known to exist.

  1. MistletoeinjectionshavebeenusedinEuropetotreatcancerforalmost100years, since 1917.
  2. A recent survey revealed that 60 percent of cancer patients in Germany use mistletoe as part of their treatment protocols.
  3. Mistletoeworksinseveralways:i. Itkillscancercellsdirectlywithoutharminghealthycells.ii. Proteins in the plant are toxic to cancer cells and cause necrosis and apoptosis (cell death) in them.




With One Accord Ministries 20 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

iii.It seriously strengthens the immune system.

iv.More than 200 studies have done on mistletoe, demonstrating its effectiveness.

v. It is so effective it CAN be used as a stand alone treatment.

XVIII. Salicinium – an exceptionally effective immune-modulating molecule that changes the way the macrophage of the immune system recognizes diseased cancerous cells.

a. b.

c. d. e.

f. g.



ThissubstanceisdeliveredIVandorallyandwillonlyattackanaerobiccells,not healthy ones.

Since cancer cells are anaerobic, they must get their energy to grow and reproduce from sugar, not oxygen.


Because it is a form of sugar, the cancer cells take it in, like a Trojan horse.

Itessentiallypunchesholesintheprotectionaroundthecancercellthatkeepsit from being identified by the person’s immune system.

This renders the cancer cell relatively defenseless and able to be attacked effectively by the immune system.

This treatment takes three weeks of IV therapy followed by taking the oral medication until the cancer is no longer detectable by tests.

IV treatment with glutathione, chelation and vitamin C. IPTInsulin Potentiation Therapy

Insulin Potentiation Therapy is a simple medical procedure that uses the hormone insulin, followed by chemotherapy and glucose, to make chemotherapy drugs more effective, in smaller doses, with few to no side effects.

  1. Developed by a Mexican doctor, Donato Perez Garcia, MD.
  2. This means that doctors can give much lower doses of chemotherapy to their patients, and their effects will be greatly enhanced, or potentiated, by the insulin.

With One Accord Ministries 21 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

XXI. Poly-MVA – a patented form of palladium combined with alpha-lipoic-acid – an essential fatty acid for humans.

a. When the palladium is combined with the ALA, it is safe for normal cells but very toxic to cancer cells.

XXII.Grounding or Earthing! EXPLAIN:

  1. Our modern lifestyle separates us from the earth, which is an enormous source ofnegative ions.
  2. Especially the rubber soled shoes so common now (as opposed to leather soles) keep us isolated from this effect, unlike our ancestors.
  3. Additionally, we are exposed to large amounts of electronic “smog” that our ancestors never dreamt ofi. Microwaves ii. Cell phones iii. Wi Fi
  4. Walking barefoot on the earth (or wading into the sea) grounds us and can really help reduce inflammation.
  5. If that is not possible, you can purchase grounding pads and sheets that can simply be plugged into the grounding plug of your household electrical system.

XXIII. Thymus therapy – use of highly purified thymus peptide extracts, which provide sustained stimulation of the body’s hormonal production and immune system.

XXIV. Revici Remedies – based on the work of NY doctor Emanuel Revici, MD

  1. Involvesaspecialpreparationofthemineralselenium.
  2. Dr. Revici found a way to encase the selenium molecule in lipids, or fat, in such a way that the selenium wouldn’t get dissolved in the blood.
  3. Healsofoundthatspecificlipidsorfatsconcentratedindifferenttumors,he developed lipid envelopes around selenium molecules and gave these to his patients.


With One Accord Ministries 22 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

d. It is a brilliant way of delivering selenium right into the tumors so that it can aid in destroying them.

XXV . Whole Body Hyperthermia

  1. Thisisradiatingtheentirebodywithheatlampstoraisethetemperaturetoaround 104 degrees F.
  2. This is what the body does naturally when it is sick, but in cancer patients this function is impaired.
  3. HIGHLEVELWholeBodyHyperthermiainvolvesbringingthehumanbody up to 110-111 degrees F in a carefully controlled clinical setting. No cancer cell can survive this.i. Thepatientisanesthetizedforthistreatmentandthenimmersedinveryhot water (116 degrees).ii. There are no lasting side effects and no fatalities have been reported. iii.It is very effective in treating most cancers in a short time.

XXV. Emotional healing and Spiritual Healing for Cancer

d. “The three R’s”: regret, resentment, and righteousness (or rather, self- righteousness)

i. Theseemotions,whennursedandheldonto,canreallycausetheemotional toxicity behind many illnesses, including cancer.

  1. RykeGeerdHamer,MD–Germanoncologist–cancerrelatedtopasttraumaor loss
  2. Douglas Brodie, MD talks about “cancer personalities.” There are basically two kinds of personalities that he observed to be preponderant in those with cancer.
    1. Inoverhalfacenturyofmedicalpractice,Dr.Brodiesawthatcancer tended to happen either to people who had long- suppressed bitterness and anger deep within themselves,
    2. Or to those who were martyrs—the kind of people who would do things for everyone but themselves.


With One Accord Ministries 23 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014

c. See,Vitalistdoctorsknowthatthechemicalsthatmakeupouremotionsare stored and processed in the liver.

  1. Ifweareholdingontoalotofpent-upemotionslikebitterness,anger,fear or paranoia; then these things can begin to overload your liver.
  2. If your liver is overloaded, it will not be able to do the job the body needs it to do in terms of dealing with more important toxins, like the chemicals that cause cancer.
  1. If you can deal with your emotional toxins through prayer or deliverance, it can really help your liver manage to keep your body systems cleaner and more free of cancer.i. Ofcourse,ifyouaretakingdrugs,thosedrugs–whetherpharmaceuticalor recreational (including alcohol) can make your liver even MORE toxic.
  2. Tohelpyourliver,asimpletechniqueyoucandoistotakeanorganiclemon every morning and drink the juice, diluted in pure water (bitter things are great for the liver.i. Alsocarrots,beets,zucchini,squash,watercressandartichokesaregreat foods to feed your liver!
  3. Doing a full-blown liver flush is excellent as well. Instructions for this are available for free download on our website




With One Accord Ministries 24 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014


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With One Accord Ministries 25 Cancer Wars Notes: Alternative and Integrative Treatments by Dr. Wm. Schnoebelen, ND ©2014


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